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1321. Aggression (aggressie) :: Giancarlo will provide us with a very competitive blend of aggression consistency and hard work
1322. Aggressive (aggressiewe) :: Facing the most aggressive and competitive media in the world spin is vital
1323. Belligerent (veglustige) :: His team has played a particularly belligerent and aggressive brand of cricket and I think theyre the benchmark against which other international cricket teams have judged themselves
1324. Cheek (wang) :: He even had the cheek to object when I insisted that it had to be coloured in
1325. Confrontation (konfrontasie) :: People are coming here to have a violent confrontation with the police
1326. Exception (uitsondering) :: The exceptions to the rule are on our coasts and hills just where objectors do not want them to be
1327. Exceptional (uitsonderlike) :: He cannot then be made liable for the exceptional child that strays nor will he be required to prove that any particular parent has been negligent
1328. Forced (gedwing) :: There are some very forced and unnatural interpretations in this book
1329. Indecent (onsedelike) :: She insisted charges be brought against the man for his indecent behavior
1330. Indefensible (onverdedigbaar) :: Yet the worst that can reasonably be said about his performance is that he made an indefensible remark from which he ineptly tried to climb down at first prompting
1331. Independent (onafhanklike) :: Support for independent candidates and smaller parties has also risen but in the locals rather than the Euro elections
1332. Merriment (vrolikheid) :: her eyes sparkled with merriment
1333. Nincompoop (domoor) :: But it is fun to think of the worst American newsrooms as comprising a bunch of jerks working for an elite corps of nincompoops
1334. Outface (verlegenheid bring) :: George IV attempted to exert authority over his ministers but he lacked political skill and persistence and he could always be outmanuvred or outfaced by determined ministers such as Liverpool and Wellington
1335. Possessive (besitlike) :: Naturally he is very possessive about his collection
1336. Ravenous (Aangevuur) :: Thanks to a ravenous appetite he soon reaches 15 feet and becomes increasingly difficult to hide
1337. Shifty (louche) :: By now youll have the feeling that within the trade theres murkiness possibly deliberate ambiguity and many would claim even shiftiness
1338. Slob (modder) :: They were asking for lazy fat slobs who do nothing at home to apply
1339. Unchristian (onchristelik) :: I was doing stupid dangerous unchristianly things
1340. Unclean (onrein) :: On March 2 over 100 nurses kitchen staff and theatre technicians walked off the job at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne Victoria to protest against unhygienic and unclean conditions
1341. Villain (skurk) :: a pantomime villain
1342. Villainous (gemeen) :: As the cabals infiltrant Dolores Umbridge Staunton is pitchperfect in her twinkleeyed campy villainousness
1343. Villainy (dwaasheid) :: On my return I found nothing but villainy and evil

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