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91. Action (aksie) :: He saw early action in North Africa where he was awarded a Military Cross and bar
92. Blackout (verduistering) :: she peered out through the blackout curtains
93. Command (bevel) :: This is evidence that not only are people buying homes but that demand in the market is strong enough to command premium asking prices
94. Commando (kommando) :: Those commandos who previously trained together with their colleagues from the American special forces have served with distinction
95. Disengage (ontkoppel) :: So perhaps now is not the time to disengage from North Asia although pulling the US troops away is long overdue
96. Engage (betrek) :: they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation
97. Engagement (betrokkenheid) :: Its about empowerment informed decisionmaking and engagement in democratic processes
98. Enlist (inroep) :: In 1914 he enlisted in the French army and he was killed in action the following year aged 23
99. Mobilize (mobiliseer) :: These poses also help mobilize your knee joints by correcting the misalignment that occurs if your muscles are too tight
100. Offensive (offensief) :: This is a political struggle against a government that has waged a nonstop offensive against all of the past social gains of the working class
101. Plunder (buit) :: As we said elsewhere this readiness to accept and embrace corruption and plunder of the public purse goes deep
102. Private (privaat) :: Gifts received in a private capacity by Royals were treated in the same way as gifts to anyone else he said
103. Refugee (vlugteling) :: We are always being told about how many asylum seekers and refugees are coming to this country
104. Rising (stygende) :: Elizabeth was the new rising star in Hollywood
105. Sapper (sappeur) :: They serve in a variety of roles infantry shock troops raiders sentries spies sappers and porters
106. Sentinel (brandwag) :: So say the sentinels guarding the long coastline of the country this weekend
107. Sentry (wag) :: The enemy sentries and war machines were now aware of where he was
108. Signalman (sein) :: These were the employees who operated the railway the station staff the signalmen the shunters and the guards on the trains
109. Soldier (soldaat) :: These are working people who expected to express their spirit of service with a little weekend soldiering or crisis assistance
110. Trooper (ruiter) :: A major state police force a few years ago gave all their troopers Walther380s to use as backup guns
111. Truce (skietstilstand) :: Conflict was punctuated by several truces and by full peace between 1360 and 1369
112. War (oorlog) :: We will still be at war with an enemy which becomes more clearly defined as all Muslims and everyone else not subject to America
113. Warfare (oorlogvoering) :: These were defensive positions and conflict and warfare seems to have been common
114. Wartime (oorlog) :: The first photograph shows soldiers being conscripted during wartime as victims on an army production line
115. Wound (wond) :: Section 20 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 creates the offence of unlawfully and maliciously wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm

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