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91. Antagonism (antagonisme) :: So much of the way people behave in negotiations causes anger bitterness hostility or antagonism
92. Bazaar (basaar) :: A visit to the bustling 14th century Khan ElKalili Bazaar reputedly the largest bazaar in the Middle East transports you back among the world of the living
93. Camp (kamp) :: So far the woman has voted off four blokes all of whom have been quite camp and only one of them has turned out to be gay
94. Charitable (liefdadigheid) :: For example one of the main forms of assistance available to the charitable sector is the exemption from paying income tax
95. Deport (deporteer) :: Mr Mendis was deported as an illegal immigrant after 16 years in the country
96. Depression (depressie) :: the depression in the housing market
97. Deprivation (ontneming) :: How can humans tolerate extreme oxygen deprivation at very high altitudes
98. Diversity (diversiteit) :: Grazing promotes species diversity which is desired
99. Equal (gelyk) :: hell be equal to the task
100. Equality (gelykheid) :: In full equilibrium as Johnson pointed out both equalities hold the economy is at the ISLM intersection and the two theories are formally identical
101. Ethnic (etniese) :: I had hoped we had moved beyond the use of ethnic characteristics as ways to ridicule people
102. Ethnicity (etnisiteit) :: The human family encompasses a rich diversity of ages genders ethnicities abilities and sexual orientations
103. Hispanic (Spaans) :: Twice as many Hispanics as European American students feel very comfortable
104. Illegal (onwettige) :: When we looked into it a number of computers were generating lots of illegal traffic
105. Immigrate (immigreer) :: The readership either still lived in Eastern Europe or had immigrated to the United States
106. Immigration (immigrasie) :: patterns of immigration from the Indian subcontinent to Britain
107. Impoverish (verarm) :: Only eight of the worlds most impoverished countries have seen a significant cut in their payments to Western creditors
108. Impoverished (verarmde) ::
109. Parity (gelykheid) :: Currency boards offer good shelter from inflation as long as the exchange parity with their dollar or Deutsche markeuro backing can be maintained
110. Philanthropy (filantropie) :: Another implication of prioritising private philanthropy over state welfare is to suggest that if youre rich you should help those on the other end of the scale
111. Polity (kerkreg) :: In national polities designers of constitutions have solved this problem by creating institutions for confidential consultation or deliberation
112. Poor (swak) :: Beknazarov represented the remote constituency of Aksy district a poor region in the south of the country
113. Representation (verteenwoordiging) :: This is a very different business relationship and you want to ensure that you have experienced representation and advice before you enter into a franchise agreement
114. Welfare (welsyn) :: We know that real jobs are a better guarantee of prosperity for the unemployed than welfare

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