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91. Acceleration (versnelling) :: To this day the combination of acceleration dynamic performance and braking power offered by the current 911 Turbo continues to set the model apart from its peers
92. Ascertain (bepaal) :: The village shop lady ascertains the quantity of cheese required and cuts it for him
93. Biological (biologiese) :: Use biological washing powder to clean your roasting tins sprinkle in a cup of powder add warm water and leave to soak for an hour
94. Chronograph (chronograaf) :: Most chronographs give you some statistical data such as standard deviation even though standard deviation may not be the best guide it allows a reasonable guess
95. Column (kolom) :: Barely had the ink dried on last weeks column than the phone rang
96. Control (beheer) :: Anger I could deal with but I hated to be embarrassed and to lose control of my emotions
97. Controller (kontroleerder) :: As well as being the finance controller Lizs job began to take on responsibility for human resources and IT
98. Deduction (aftrekking) :: Proving was no longer a matter of transforming terms in accordance with rules but a process of logical deduction from concepts
99. Empirical (empiriese) :: You cant apply probabilistic methods to a phenomenon where there is no empirical evidence
100. Exterior (buite) :: Beneath his pleasant exterior there is a hard edge to his personality and a ruthless side to his captaincy
101. Fissile (splijtstoffen) :: During compaction of siliciclastic muds the flaky clay particles are realigned to be parallel to each other and impart a fissility a direction of easy splitting to the rock which is commonly called shale
102. Fission (fisie) :: As already noted in the context of the collapse of communism this challenge to the map has taken the form both of fission and fusion
103. Fit (pas) :: That must go as far as not working excessive hours and being fit for the job they are doing at the time
104. Fraction (breuk) :: If they did the insurance company would have been charged a fraction of that amount
105. Frame (raam) :: Just then there was a knock on the door and a tall frame entered
106. Heat (hitte) :: The kind and amount of chili peppers you use will determine the chilis heat
107. Inhibitor (inhibeerder) :: Several nucleosidebased inhibitors of these viral enzymes including that of the HIV virus also typically show modest inhibition of telomere synthesis
108. Lathe (draaibank) :: Other aluminum bearing applications are in heavy tooling such as boring mills presses lathes milling machines and grinding mills and as hydraulic pump bushings
109. Press (pers) :: At the press briefing a reporter asked whether this would mean that lenders would start limiting the number of credit cards issued to customers
110. Quark (kwark) :: The resulting theory would be able to describe the behavior of the universe from quarks and atoms to entire galaxies
111. Semiconductor (halfgeleier) :: Excitons are created in semiconductors when a laser field promotes an electron from the valance band to the conduction band
112. Shutdown (afsluit) :: He has renovated houses plus worked on shutdowns at big factory and energy projects
113. Study (studie) :: parttime study
114. Working (werk) :: The objective of the project is to research and make a working model of a body system

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