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91. Cancellation (kansellasie) :: James made numerous books with pages of facsimile postcards replete with colored stamps and cancellation marks
92. Chain (ketting) :: And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the worlds longest supply chain
93. Change (verandering) :: Consumers should also in turn not accept the old cash as change unless they want to make a trip to the bank
94. Cleaner (skoner) :: And meanwhile theyre employing kitchen staff and cleaners from where
95. Currency (geldeenheid) :: currency control
96. Customer (kliƫnt) :: hes a tough customer
97. Cutlery (eetgerei) :: Sailors were assigned to messes each of around ten to twentyfive men and equipped with a stowable table cutlery plates and a bread bin
98. Escalator (roltrap) :: It will also have 12 lifts and 22 escalators to whisk cinemagoers from the bottom to the top of the building in only seven minutes
99. Feedback (terugvoer) :: Its evidence is based on feedback from its health and safety group which monitors accident prevention
100. Florist (bloemiste) :: Among the services offered was a lifetime contract for fresh flowers on the graves which Parker promised to arrange with a local florists
101. Furniture (meubels) :: Around the edges of the room were pieces of furniture like tables and a few chairs
102. Haberdashery (benodigdhede) :: Soon Hollywoods fine haberdasheries were replaced by pizza joints Tshirt shops and pornographic bookstores
103. Haggle (march) :: I have a bus to catch in five minutes and I cant waste my time haggling with you
104. Hairdresser (haarkapper) :: Thoroughfares in and out of the cities are lined with innocent looking hairdressers and beauty parlours
105. Optician (oogkundige) :: Once a year I go out to the opticians because I wear contact lenses
106. Pharmacy (apteek) :: They can be bought overthecounter at pharmacies and health food shops
107. Promotion (bevordering) :: The agency has recently completed projects for major clients in web print packaging advertising sales promotion and exhibition design
108. Steal (steel) :: the chorus is a steal from The Smiths London
109. Supermarket (supermark) :: In this novel hippies pretend to live off the land even as they shop at supermarkets and eat at diners
110. Superstore (winkel) :: The people who work at these big pet superstores arent required to know anything about pets
111. Technology (tegnologie) :: One of the results is an increasing awareness of the difference between science and technology
112. Value (waarde) :: However we were choosing from the set menu which offered seemingly good value at three courses for 1750

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