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91. Altar (altaar) :: In the absence of ancestral halls in the United States they perform rituals at miniature altars at home and in the place of business and in sanctuaries found in district and family associations in Chinatowns
92. Ascetic (asketiese) :: Nor will we gain any great wisdom through the more punitive ascetic methods
93. Baptism (doop) :: Funerals vie with baptisms as though two sides of the same rite
94. Baptist (Baptiste) ::
95. Baptize (doop) :: The communal nature of this endeavor is based in baptism because all who are baptized belong to Christ and are committed to follow him as disciples
96. Bishop (biskop) :: The pawn structure Black obtains with this move does not work well with the bishop on b7
97. Christian (Christen) ::
98. Christianity (Christenskap) ::
99. Christmas (Kersfees) ::
100. Convent (klooster) :: Especially targeted were religious houses convents and monasteries because they were the most severe in the demand for forced labor dues
101. Convention (konvensie) :: The main issue at the convention was Americans role in the world
102. Crosier (is staf) ::
103. Disciple (dissipel) :: Some students were frightened away but a circle of disciples remained many of whom became worldrenowned leaders in the field
104. Heaven (hemel) :: We then turned the car towards the retail heaven that is IKEA
105. Marriage (huwelik) :: He then discusses marriage vows the history of divorce and modern reinterpretations
106. Marry (trou) :: Likewise a lower caste will rarely marry his son or daughter to a person belonging to another caste
107. Muslim (Moslem) ::
108. Observance (nakoming) :: I looked at him searching for an elusive answer in my head a witty reply to such careful observance
109. Pagan (heidense) :: Tobernalt is an ancient pagan assembly place approximately three miles east of Sligo town near the shores of Lough Gill
110. Priest (priester) :: Finished coracles are also delivered complete with a handcrafted priest or knocker used to humanely kill caught fish as a reminder that you are purchasing a historical fishing craft rather than a recreational toy
111. Primary (primêre) :: The tosylactivated beads form covalent bonds with any available primary amino or sulfhydryl groups
112. Primate (primaat) :: As for the primates such as monkeys and baboons the main effect of the high temperatures is that they lose their appetites
113. Redemption (verlossing) :: First he says that he had in the circumstances a right to redemption of weekly payments
114. Salvation (verlossing) :: I was horrible at math failing math all the time My only salvation and my only release to feel good about myself was art
115. Socialism (sosialisme) :: A positive political programme that promotes socialism needs to be utilised to win over working class communities
116. Ticket (kaartjie) :: And hovering over them all is the constant threat of the police who ticket the men tirelessly leading to hundreds of dollars in fines and repeated stays in jail

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