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91. Abstain (onthou) :: Campbell was required to abstain from drinking alcohol and have no contact with three individuals
92. Abstemious (nugter) :: However it was the abstemious Chartist family the Cranstons who really put the coffee houses adversaries the Glasgow tea rooms on the map in the 1890s
93. Abstinence (onthouding) :: For the Hindus the fasting is abstinence from meat during their holy time
94. Alive (lewendig) :: It was really interesting to watch the levels come alive as the team found better and smarter ways of doing things
95. Bandage (verband) :: There stands the wee dog on his hind legs his wound bandaged a gunbelt strapped around his middle
96. Burn (brand) :: A second burn was due to take place at 18 17 CEST lasting only a few seconds
97. Burnout (uitbrand) :: Chris though he was a burnout was one of the smartest people I knew
98. Contract (kontrak) :: health authorities contract a hospital to treat a specific number of patients
99. Draught (konsep) :: He soon had a rough draft of a manuscript about how an antibody might be formed and the physicalchemical basis of its specific reaction with antigen
100. Infuse (trek) :: infuse the dried flowers in boiling water
101. Infusion (infusie) :: This was her first effort of the afternoon a risotto of chicken and smoked bacon with green beans and Parmesan surrounded by an infusion of fresh herbs in olive oil
102. Nutrition (voeding) :: These clinics provide education on health and nutrition for mothers and monitor their childrens growth
103. Nutritionist (voedingkundige) :: We asked our panel of expert nutritionists how they face everyday challenges that lead to weight gain
104. Nutritious (voedsame) :: The majority of their income goes to rent and leaves them with hardly any money to buy nutritious food
105. Peculiar (eienaardige) :: All of them are unique and have their peculiar features
106. Plaster (gips) :: With its high ceiling and original ornamental plaster coving marble fireplace vast mirror and chandelier it could be the set for a period drama
107. Recover (herstel) :: One of the primary tasks of the Commissioners is to recover those taxes which Parliament has decreed shall be paid
108. Sad (hartseer) ::
109. Section (artikel) :: Due to the nature of current combat operations in Iraq our primary mounted maneuver unit is the section
110. Strong (sterk) :: The Italians have a huge pack and are physically very strong and hardnosed
111. Symptom (simptoom) :: I worried about contracting diseases especially symptomless diseases where my lack of physical complaints simply confirmed the severity of my case
112. Symptomatic (simptomaties) :: The experience of motherofthree Jane Foot is symptomatic of the piecemeal approach to sex education in this country
113. Treat (behandel) :: While most toddlers might get a trip to the pictures for their birthday treat Brooklyns superstar mum and dad have hired out the whole cinema for his big day
114. Treatment (behandeling) :: An Alzheimers charity claims new health guidelines could be denying local dementia sufferers an effective treatment
115. Vulnerable (kwesbaar) :: Cash is also the most vulnerable to theft and most travel policies only cover a few hundred pounds

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