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91. Assess (evalueer) :: He said it was too early to assess the oil damage but added that the entrance to the wetlands was mostly protected by a natural sandbar
92. Assessment (assessering) :: Our assessment of his lifes worth shouldnt be informed by that of the thugs who shot him
93. Assistant (assistent) :: The assistant director quit because he didnt believe that the film could be made
94. Blackboard (swartbord) :: You touched on a very emotive issue in the country which is the horrible crime situation and mentioned about gunshots going off while the teachers are at the blackboards
95. Blazer (baadjie) :: To make your upper body look more muscular wear small shoulder pads in your blazers jackets and sports jackets
96. Commencement (aanvang) :: They captured him speaking at the commencement ceremony at Harvard University
97. Commit (pleeg) :: He faces charges of attempted murder and aiding the enemy and conspiracy to commit war crimes
98. Dropout (uitsak) :: The major limitations of this study include the high dropout rate and the short treatment period
99. English (Engels) ::
100. Faculty (Fakulteit) :: Since concentration is the first faculty to go when sleepy Reale advises drivers keep their blood sugar up with more slowly absorbed foods such as vegetables and nuts
101. Fail (misluk) :: The progress of the boys is monitored for about a year and if they fail to live up to expectations they are dropped for the following year
102. Freshman (eerstejaars) :: Like their current national peers ISU freshmen selected their university or college based on its academic reputation and the potential for landing good jobs when they graduate
103. Inspector (inspekteur) :: I had a close friend who was a police inspector in Manchester another who was with the dog unit in Merseyside
104. Institution (instelling) :: Undoubtedly the fact that the institution of slavery froze billions of dollars of capital into human beings was of great importance in maintaining this way of life
105. Instructor (instrukteur) :: She is now on a mission to teach instructors through a certification course and written exam
106. Learn (leer) :: He also observed the students learning an aversion to investigating patients social and psychological problems
107. Learning (leer) :: The agency offered numerous classes films and other learning opportunities on a regular basis
108. Master (meester) :: Higher education is defined as involving programs that award bachelors master s or doctorate degrees
109. Mistress (minnares) :: A love triangle goes wrong when a seventeenyearold mistress takes out her lovers wife
110. Mock (spot) :: The competition consists of the school teams going head to head in a mock trial with a real judge acting as adjudicator
111. Register (registreer) :: boy trebles singing in a high register
112. Registrar (registrateur) :: When youve made your musical selection do run it past the officiating registrar to make sure that it is acceptable
113. Timetable (rooster) :: Train timetables will generally end at around 8pm tonight
114. Truant (stokkies) :: Police officers have begun an operation to target truant schoolchildren in the town

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