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61. Account (rekening) :: I began buying things on account
62. Achievement (prestasie) :: She is being put through her paces by mate Lorraine and says she will feel a sense of achievement in completing the 5km race
63. Disassemble (demontage) :: He disassembled the phone with meticulous care then scattered the pieces with his foot
64. Disconnect (ontkoppel) :: Always disconnect the appliance before cleaning
65. Flame (vlam) :: It had an intricate silver flame painted onto the body and it almost seemed to be shaped like a flame
66. Groom (bruidegom) :: The groom wore red and the bride looked elegant in an oldfashioned riding habit
67. Input (insette) :: They all produce signals and believe it or not our input to the devices and their output create modulations which can be read
68. Markup (opmaak) :: Occasionally painters turned some of their work over to dealers whose markups could be substantial
69. Page (bladsy) :: Born in Holland Keppel attended William of Orange to England in 1688 as a page of honour
70. Printer (drukker) :: Half a million copies of Yaos critical article were printed the text being distributed by telegraph to provincial printers
71. Quit (afsluit) :: I quit my ninetofive job and became a professional photographer
72. Select (kies) :: However this progress has been made for only a select group of species
73. Send (stuur) :: well send you a taxi in 10 minutes
74. Stack (stapel) :: Groaning and pushing myself up I shuffled over to my bathroom almost tripping on a stack of books piled near my bathroom door
75. Troll (sleep) :: Fishing for coho is also an important sport for trollers and flyfisherman
76. Workstation (werkstasie) :: Managing the storage inside desktops workstations and servers in an office can be a daunting task as each computer has its own disk drive containing data that must be backed up restored and archived
77. Worm (wurm) :: I worm around on my carpeted floor banging my head into my Play Station Two

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