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61. Asylum (asiel) :: The authorities in Dover granted him asylum and he set up home in Bolton
62. Citizen (burger) :: And selfless sons and daughters grow up to become selfless citizens of the world
63. Civic (burgerlike) :: Some would contend that a sense of civic duty alone is enough to compel people to vote
64. Class (klas) :: How do we get back middle class white collar voters
65. Community (gemeenskap) :: It set a new tone about the business community and unions working together from a different perspective
66. Denizen (bewoner) :: Penguins are restricted to the Southern Hemisphere where they are oceanic or coastal denizens
67. Displace (verplaas) :: The Church of England allows its celestial liturgy to be displaced by electric guitars
68. Distress (nood) :: Additional and more serious symptoms include eye infections acute respiratory distress and pneumonia
69. Famine (hongersnood) :: In a region noted for drought famine climatic extreme and racked by a 30year civil war the findings were almost unbelievable
70. Friend (vriend) :: It feels like Im making a penny a day at the moment and thats certainly not easy to live off of my friend
71. Integrate (integreer) :: This means that it must struggle to integrate fully its AfricanAmerican members as well as its new predominantly immigrant Hispanic members
72. Integration (integrasie) :: A limited amount of funding is available to support a number of good practice models of sports integration for people with disabilities
73. Justice (geregtigheid) :: But it goes to an essential aspect of the administration of justice the due pronouncement of any court decision
74. Naturalize (natuurlik maak) :: Tulips as a rule do not naturalize well and most species are therefore planted annually
75. Persecute (vervolg) :: The police are too busy persecuting and harassing motorists
76. Philanthropist (filantroop) :: There are many philanthropists and ordinary altruistic people who would contribute
77. Racism (rassisme) :: Perhaps the series writers are trying to highlight the inequities perpetuated by racism
78. Rag (lap) :: Journalists working on the rag are up in arms over a series of antiGypsy stories printed over the last few weeks
79. Settlement (nedersetting) :: We can have no illusions that there can be a peaceful settlement or compromise with this gang
80. Settler (setlaar) :: Later settlers known as Cajuns made their way from Nova Scotia after being evicted by the British
81. Starve (om honger te lei) :: He argued that Mayo General Hospital was recognised by the Dept of Health and Children as the most efficient hospital in Europe and yet it was being starved of funds
82. Stateless (staatlose) :: But in a recent study two World Bank economists found a surprising side to Somali statelessness
83. Tolerance (verdraagsaamheid) :: New users may include women genetically or otherwise predisposed to venous thrombosis whereas long term users have shown tolerance to the drug
84. Tolerant (verdraagsaam) :: Plants which are tolerant to flooding need to survive or grow during the stress but also to recover after the stress is removed
85. Vagrancy (rondlopery) :: a descent into vagrancy and drug abuse
86. Vagrant (swerwer) :: The moon glows like a phosphrous on the vagrant waters

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