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61. Alliance (alliansie) :: Your album title Songs in the Key of the Devil suggests an unholy alliance with darker forces heretofore unseen
62. Allied (geallieerde) :: It was even more interesting now the lentils had allied with the onions and were battling the celery
63. Ally (bondgenoot) :: According to friends he enjoys making avian analogies between rare birds and his political allies and enemies
64. Bill (wetsontwerp) :: the bill for their meal came to 17
65. Cassock (soutane) :: I walked in the company of bearded cassocked monks then a pair of elderly pilgrims whose fingers flicked worry beads in hands clasped behind their backs
66. Christening (doop) :: a christening robe
67. Colonialism (kolonialisme) :: This was also the start of the period of colonialist expansion by Spains Catholic monarchy
68. Diplomacy (diplomasie) :: When EnglishIndian relations did not turn upon sheer power they rested on diplomacy
69. Diplomatic (diplomatieke) :: We should have and we need today to apply more diplomatic effort to resolving that issue
70. Extremism (ekstremisme) :: the dangers of religious extremism
71. Fire (vuur) :: Associated with the element of fire and the sun in astrology the plant was often used in floral oracle readings
72. Geopolitics (geopolitiek) ::
73. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
74. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
75. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
76. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
77. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
78. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
79. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
80. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
81. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
82. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
83. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
84. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
85. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
86. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
87. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
88. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
89. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::
90. Jesuit (Jesuïete) ::

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