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61. Ballpark (ball) :: Its the biggest ballpark in baseball right now Gonzalez moaned
62. Billiards (biljart) :: It is not enough to reach the summit of pocket billiards excellence
63. Cart (wa) :: With this rhythmic cry Duan in his crumpled old blue suit pushes a benchlike cart along the street
64. Cartography (kartografie) :: These in turn led to advances in geography and cartography and the colonization of new lands
65. Crew (bemanning) :: What a motley crew we are much more so I say from my experience than journalists and politicians
66. Explore (verken) :: he sets out to explore fundamental questions
67. Foul (vuil) :: Harvey got whistled for a foul and then lost it followed by Howard
68. Head (kop) :: The directors also revealed that the club is appointing top Australian coach Leo Epifania as head coach
69. Header (kop) :: There are up to six levels of headers in an html document
70. Lock (sluit) :: Wed slam each other in turn sometimes dragging the other down to the mat to grapple in laughter cut off suddenly by a choke or a tapout from a lock
71. Mare (merrie) :: Males mature more slowly at three they begin to pester mares in estrus and are driven out of their natal group
72. Purse (beursie) :: The prize purse will again be over 60000 baht in cash gold and other prizes
73. Sack (sak) :: Packing sheds were constructed for growers to sort and sack the potatoes for shipment
74. Saddle (saal) :: A saddle of hare is a similar cut but extends to the tail
75. Saddlebag (saalsak) :: After only 7 weeks REMI helped Amy rid off all the body fat cellulite and saddlebags she had been struggling to lose
76. Spur (ingewing) :: One difficulty is that improvements in technology spur improvements in armaments
77. Stroke (beroerte) :: In a wetsump engine a shorter stroke also cuts down on oilpressure problems caused by windage and oil aeration
78. Swordplay (skerms) :: While swordplay done in earnest is now a thing of the past a wealth of information regarding stab wounds to the heart has been accumulated in recent times by the practitioners of modern forensic medicine
79. Travel (reis) :: Youd have to travel back in time almost 20 years to find their origin

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