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841. Angry (kwaad) :: However many local residents are angry that the council has refused to hold a public inquiry into the site
842. Animated (geanimeerde) :: Acclaims attention to detail has even extended to the sidelines where team mascots jump about and try to get the animated crowd excited
843. Blood (bloed) :: This increased pressure compresses the arteries and veins decreasing blood flow to the muscles
844. Bloom (blom) :: Travis openly wonders why of all her sisters she survived the seeming tragedy of being shut out of show business while still in the bloom of youth
845. Breeze (briesie) :: The weather for this ASR patrol was 75 degrees and sunny with a 10 knot breeze from the southwest
846. Chafe (skaaf) :: He attempted to pull his hands free and winced as the strips of cloth used to restrain him chafed his sore wrists
847. Clean (skoon) :: When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs
848. Curl (krul) :: Unfortunately while we might be prepared to complain about deficiencies in our own immediate locality when we see a mess further afield we tend to pass it by with a curl of the lip
849. Deplorable (betreurenswaardig) :: This was after all a world in which literacy was rare and the quality of preaching deplorable
850. Distress (nood) :: Additional and more serious symptoms include eye infections acute respiratory distress and pneumonia
851. Fascination (bekoring) :: For Fuhrman the emergence of poetry as fruitful untruth is a source of fascination
852. Floor (vloer) :: She picked Juliets bathrobe up off the floor and walked into the bathroom
853. Fulfilled (vervul) :: In setting the scene for my post I would love to recount a tale of blissful youth a textbook joyride throughout early adulthood culminating in a fulfilled maturity
854. Idiot (idioot) :: Authorized in 1851 the New York State Asylum for Idiots received its first pupils in 1883
855. Idiotic (idiotiese) :: He showed his excitement and joy through idiotic dancing and head banging
856. Mean (beteken) :: I didnt want to be mean to Jes but Morgan had taken over
857. Neck (nek) :: You need best end of neck lamb chops but dont overtrim them leave a little fat on for flavour
858. Pole (paal) :: Then lift the pole so the hook and the bulk shot is clear of the water
859. Rag (lap) :: Journalists working on the rag are up in arms over a series of antiGypsy stories printed over the last few weeks
860. Rage (woede) :: PC rage
861. Rogue (boef) :: The story follows loveable Irish rogue Jimmy who is imprisoned with his partnerincrime Rudy after a bungled robbery
862. Seventh (sewende) :: his seventh match this year
863. Steam (stoom) :: the last years of steam
864. Vanity (nietigheid) :: Between the two beds was a creamy beige couch and across from that a wash basin vanity and wardrobe
865. Weary (moeg) :: Back on the streets protesters were heading home tired weary and quite literally bruised

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