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751. Destroyer (verwoester) :: The Orze was one of two submarines three destroyers a training vessel and a supply ship which the Polish naval command had at its disposal in November 1939
752. Detail (besonderhede) :: In the wake of this I wonder who he is going to give toilet detail to
753. Fender (modderskerm) :: A grotesque wreck of a truck lying by the road side its fender blown off and torched to the metal
754. Ferry (pont) :: A year later a ferry operated and in 1882 the Bank of Adelaide opened a branch office in the town
755. Gambia (Gambiƫ) :: Chair of research and strategy at the University of Gambia told them that this is a first step towards putting science at the centre of Gambian economic development
756. Handle (hanteer) :: handle the fruit carefully
757. Handling (hantering) :: Although the local companies are still mostly involved in the handling of documents or packages some serve international markets
758. Make (maak) :: I wish it were as light and soft as it looks then it would make a really interesting new kind of mattress
759. Merchantman (koopvaardij skip) :: During her first month in the Gulf Northumberland has spent 75 per cent of the time at sea and has boarded ships ranging in size from small merchantmen to large cargo ships
760. Nigeria (Nigeriƫ) :: Ordinary Nigerians are caught in the crossfire between the feuding militias
761. Outboard (buiteboord) :: In the upper sections were the rudder tab actuating units a navigation light showing on the outboard side only one elevator control pulley and two rudder tab control pulleys
762. Passport (paspoort) :: Those with prior travel on public affairs passports are not eligible for this programme
763. Rating (gradering) :: Rods with lineclass ratings of 30 lb class or below are what may be described as lightline fishing
764. Round (ronde) :: To deepen the stretch slowly extend arms and round spine forward letting the weight of the torso fall forward
765. Scrap (skroot) :: Adding to the damage is the everworsening shortage of international raw materials like scrap iron and wheat one of main factors causing inflation
766. Shell (dop) :: the sound of the shell passing over followed by the explosion
767. Tour (toer) :: a motoring tour of Scotland
768. Tourism (toerisme) :: The city has a strong and diverse economy with tourism generating millions of dollars a year
769. Tourist (toeriste) :: Ive been touristing refuse to go travelling say no with Joe for a few months now and there are a couple of soundbitesmottos that remind me of the whole experience including when we hooked up with Mike
770. Touristy (toeristisch) :: We hadnt wanted to do any evil touristy day tours as such but it was the easiest thing for this particular location
771. Whistle (fluitjie) :: you can go home and whistle for your wages

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