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661. Bull (bul) :: Soon after arriving he had Phang Lamphoon mate with Phrai Num Sek a bull elephant he described as a magnificent animal with a fine strong and healthy form
662. Chicken (hoender) :: Some braised beef or roast chicken for example would be a welcome addition
663. Cod (kabeljou) :: We had the green onions for the softness the beans and pistachios took care of the crunch both of them complementing the pleasantly firm codfish really well
664. Craw (krop) :: Life when it landed here arrived only through powerful stamina or spectacular accident a ferns spore drifting on the trade wind a seed in the craw of a bird the bird itself
665. Crayfish (kreef) :: The spiny or rock lobsters found in warm seas of both hemispheres are actually marine crayfish genus Panulirus they lack claws but have sharp spines on the carapace
666. Harrier (kuikendief) :: Tens of thousands of hawks kites falcons eagles osprey vultures and harriers appear in the skies over the Golden Gate from August through December
667. Horse (perd) :: Easy add someone doing bong hits or horse in the rectum and youve got instant mise en scne
668. Lamb (lam) :: The roast lamb was a scrumptious mound of tender smokey meat
669. Rump (kruis) :: he removed his hand from Shirleys rump
670. Spoonbill (Lepelaar) :: In winter its easy to see raptors Oriental white stork and white spoonbills
671. Winkle (Winkel) :: In spring and summer we would pick mussels cockles and winkles round the glar or silt mud in the harbour

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