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31. Alms (aalmoese) :: the riders stopped to distribute alms
32. Asian (Asiatiese) ::
33. Assistance (hulp) :: You are welcome to contact us at anytime when you need more information and assistance from us
34. Black (swart) :: Those who get red cards play against those who get black ones
35. Caucasian (Ander) ::
36. Citizenship (burgerskap) :: the refugees could be granted dual citizenship
37. Colour (kleur) :: for colour plant groups of winterflowering pansies
38. Disadvantaged (benadeelde) :: Six grants have been given for projects across Greenwich to support nursery schools in disadvantaged areas of the borough
39. Discriminate (diskrimineer) :: Failure to discriminate between truth and lies leads to the sort of moral equivalency that your post indicates
40. Discrimination (diskriminasie) :: The new program features superior discrimination of fluorescent signals and substantially reduces the need for user intervention during image processing
41. Give (gee) :: he did not give his name
42. Hunger (honger) :: Have sensible people never felt the insatiable hunger of infatuation
43. Minority (minderheid) :: So it looks as if for the foreseeable future unfurnished properties will comprise a tiny minority of the private rented market
44. Penniless (brandarm) :: He was under the impression the the hut committee had spent all of the memorial fund and that we were penniless
45. Penurious (behoeftig) :: Whether this is a misprint or calculated penuriousness the move seems serious as there are now indeed proper staff manning the kitchen
46. Penury (behoeftig) :: He was not a povertystricken peasants son looking to escape penury
47. Plural (meervoud) :: Lice is the plural form of louse
48. Pluralism (pluralisme) :: Politically civil society relies on the separation of powers political pluralism and public access to state and public affairs
49. Race (ras) :: At the moment the women are also ensconced in their Third Division and the race is on to see which squad can secure promotion first
50. Refuge (toevlug) :: But the Convention only provides refuge from state persecution
51. Refugee (vlugteling) :: We are always being told about how many asylum seekers and refugees are coming to this country
52. Right (reg) :: The company is certainly right not to allow its business decisions to be dictated by a single ratings agency
53. Social (sosiale) :: Science as a social endeavor is seen as a collective project for the improvement of social structures
54. Subscribe (skryf) :: In fact after they subscribe and use the service for a while email is the most popular application among customers
55. Subscription (inskrywing) :: But if you buy a subscription to a download service offering the same music thats part of the brave new networked world in which Europe has an edge
56. Subsistence (bestaansboere) :: For a time beginning in the 1920s fox fur trading served as a supplement to subsistence
57. Upper (boonste) :: In the villages an automobile is an unusual and significant symbol of upper social status
58. Workhouse (werk huis) :: Overnight accommodation varied from the the casual wards of local workhouses to more friendly lodgings and municipallyarranged feasts

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