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:: As Europe basked in the Enlightenment Popish superstition and its stablemate monarchical absolutism appeared to be receding into the past:: Britains firefighters voted to hold a ballot for strike action today:: In three instances the muscle was bilateral and in one on the left side only:: On the other hand it was also opposed to collectivism any attack on the principle of private property and to Communism and was supported by many on the Right who had no traditional party of the Right to vote for at the Liberation:: His essay Our America sought to contest the cultural and linguistic destiny of America as a signifier:: What I believe that most New Zealanders feel is what the dean of Auckland cathedral wrote today that New Zealand retained its integrity as a nation:: the national debate on abortion:: The intensity of the rejection response is determined by both the biology of the tissue and the host s response to that tissue:: Nicola found herself dodging death as she made her way down Dooncarton Mountain with the landslides tumbling down either side of her:: He supported the increasingly unrealistic war aims of the militarists and nationalists:: Members of the nobility who would insure the efficient use of church lands and wealth would henceforth manage monasteries and nunneries :: He also retained a belief in predestination and in an unfathomable Providence overseeing the affairs of the world:: Gaiman even managed to make Milton that old puritan codger seem sexy and thats praise enough right there:: :: :: Created reality is a sacrament a revelation of the presence of God:: Facing a bench or chair place the right foot on the bench or the seat of the chair:: These states most notably those that host the major tobacco transnationals seem happy to stand by as their companies peddle death elsewhere:: Christians by and large arent being attacked because Catholics believe in the doctrine of transubstantiation or because some evangelicals believe in the Rapture:: At the same time the impetus for a shift to more unilateralist and belligerent policies had been accumulating for decades:: Heres a tip when someone starts whining about wanting to be voted out vote him out:: The fact that only a small percentage of the voters bothered to vote is neither here nor there
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