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31. Array (verskeidenheid) :: She assembled an impressive array of photographs and memorabilia from the former residents and their descendants
32. Bandwidth (bandwydte) :: The large bandwidths of the bands reflected the short lifetime of these states due to fast exciton relaxation
33. Bounce (weiering) :: The next ball I went to field took a bad bounce and hit me up on the right shoulder
34. Control (beheer) :: Anger I could deal with but I hated to be embarrassed and to lose control of my emotions
35. Drag (sleep) :: the main drag
36. Extension (uitbreiding) :: Space was the empty extension that allowed his bits of matter his atoms to move about
37. Groom (bruidegom) :: The groom wore red and the bride looked elegant in an oldfashioned riding habit
38. Initialize (inisialiseer) :: Instead thedev directory is created when the operating system is initialized on the machine populating thedev directory with all known possible names
39. Laptop (skootrekenaar) :: Sensors can also be placed around buildings to track the travels of laptops and desktops and prevent them being nicked
40. Logic (logika) :: Formal logic is applied again this time to determine whether a premature or erroneous idea prevails
41. Markup (opmaak) :: Occasionally painters turned some of their work over to dealers whose markups could be substantial
42. Select (kies) :: However this progress has been made for only a select group of species
43. Thread (draad) :: If you have any problems that arent resolved here then you can post on the forum thread by clicking here
44. Uninstall (verwyder) :: Go ahead and run your existing sound cards uninstaller
45. Unlisted (ongenoteerde) :: On top of that her voice is tuneless and her cover of Papa Dont Preach an unlisted bonus track on Shut Up is officially played out
46. Unreadable (deurmekaar) :: You have no doubt seen people whose signatures are nothing more than scribbles yet even those unreadable scratch marks are valid

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