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31. Aisle (paadjie) :: Ive seen with my own eyes people take up four seats the entire aisle and the toilet cubile by strategic placement of a few cases
32. Balcony (balkon) :: Michael led them to their seats in the balcony and handed her her show glasses
33. Border (grens) :: Extra police officers are being posted at polling booths and on patrol duties and France has tightened controls along its border with Spain
34. Borough (gemeente) :: But pupils will be subject to the same national tests as pupils elsewhere in the borough
35. Borrow (leen) :: designers consistently borrow from the styles of preceding generations
36. Carpenter (timmerman) :: One house is constructed by professional carpenters another by relatives
37. Carpet (mat) :: The insects are forming thick clouds near the ground and they carpet the inside of the car when the doors are cracked open
38. Chimney (skoorsteen) :: Further on the grey shape of a roof and chimney showed over the rise
39. Collapse (inval) :: The worstcase scenario is that the single currency will collapse leaving member countries to start afresh with their discarded currencies
40. Crematorium (krematorium) :: Pet cemeteries and crematoriums have never been more popular and business is booming
41. Elevation (opstand) :: These observations suggest that spatial variability in food web dynamics at the scale of tens of meters to several kilometers should increase both with elevation and latitude
42. Elevator (hysbak) :: More and more people began filling in the elevator pressing April towards the back corner
43. Fortress (vesting) :: Modern day builders are building modern day fortresses to protect us from our fellow countrymen
44. Hostel (koshuis) :: As the street reaches the train station it becomes seedier with fast food joints strip clubs and cheap hostels
45. Infest (infesteer) :: His McGill ghetto apartment is infested with mice and try as he might he cant seem to get rid of them
46. Landlord (verhuurder) :: The oversupply of rental property has resulted in landlords cutting rents to attract tenants
47. Landmark (landmerk) :: Yesterday when they went in Robert Green said he was able to recognize a landmark
48. Loan (lening) :: If anyone wants to take out a loan borrow money or get something on hire purchase they have to agree to a credit check being done on them to make sure they are safe with other peoples money
49. Manure (mis) :: Farmyard manure is prepared from dung yet about 60 to 70 per cent of dung is used as fuel in rural areas
50. Marble (marmer) :: It looks good if you marble it instead of beating it in completely
51. Nunnery (klooster) :: Members of the nobility who would insure the efficient use of church lands and wealth would henceforth manage monasteries and nunneries
52. Overlook (miskyk) :: He was and is a good man but no man is good enough to overlook every fault especially something like this
53. Plain (vlakte) :: Do they choose plain girls with no education or sense of style and who will happily consider going to McDonalds on Saturday night
54. Purchase (aankoop) :: Not having experienced the desperation of oppression we have little purchase on the extremism it might engender
55. Unfurnished (ongemeubileerd) :: So we rented an unfurnished apartment and shipped over all of our own furniture

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