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31. Abort (aborteer) :: But the full extent of the problem will not be known until Spring when the Brucellosis will cause pregnant cattle to abort
32. Abortion (aborsie) :: But it can help prevent that unwanted pregnancy that abortion or that misguided marriage which ends in divorce
33. Aisle (paadjie) :: Ive seen with my own eyes people take up four seats the entire aisle and the toilet cubile by strategic placement of a few cases
34. Bald (kaal) :: Dark hair sprung from his once bald scalp and the wrinkles on his face smoothed out
35. Bigamy (bigamie) :: Sharpe on the other hand was recorded as marrying legally in November 1990 before committing her first offence of bigamy the following May
36. Born (Gebore) :: Dame Elizabeth was born to American parents and left London for Los Angeles when she was seven
37. Consummate (volkome) :: In concert Glenn Tilbrook is that rare breed of consummate musician ultimate professional and allround fun guy
38. Consummation (voleinding) :: But not all unions are the same nor should the consummation of all unions be desired
39. Crematorium (krematorium) :: Pet cemeteries and crematoriums have never been more popular and business is booming
40. Death (dood) :: The other two photographs are closer and shows many birds dead some near death and very few still standing
41. Die (sterf) :: In the sealing module seal grids can be snapped in and out of the sealinggrid die to change the shape of the package seal
42. Dowry (bruidskat) :: Arranged marriages in which parents negotiated spouses dowries and inheritance for their children were once common but have declined
43. Expect (verwag) :: People do not pay taxes but expect us to provide them with facilities
44. Genealogy (genealogie) :: Now with the success of the trails organisers they have their eyes on another huge and virtually untapped heritage tourist market genealogy
45. Generation (generasie) :: He is now one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation
46. Grey (grys) ::
47. Infirm (siekes) :: Ballinrobe has been seeking a home for the elderly infirm since 1971 and an announcement last year that money had been allocated for the purchase of a site raised expectations
48. Nullity (nietigheid) :: In March 1999 the High Court refused a decree of nullity to a man whose wife had an affair with her employer shortly after the marriage
49. Nuptial (huwelik) :: Scientists have found that even in the animal kingdom males hand out socalled nuptial gifts that seem to be worthless
50. Nursery (kwekery) :: They had already bought clothes and decorated a nursery for the child they expected to adopt
51. Prefix (voorvoegsel) :: Sinclair has painted some 80 large works in oil on board each of which say either I love Real Life or use the real life title prefixed by the name of the appropriate colour in which Sinclair has covered the ground
52. Pregnancy (swangerskap) :: Secondary infertility is when there have been one or more pregnancies but a further pregnancy has proved impossible
53. Puppy (hondjie) :: Two rather small If you value it vote for it banners waved back in puppyish salutation
54. Reception (ontvangs) :: However his arrival on Capitol Hill is likely to elicit a lukewarm reception
55. Sprightly (fietse) :: This is not about becoming spritely so much as a little celestial
56. Thick (dik) :: The rich thick forest cover around the Etna region is an added attraction to the tourists
57. Witness (getuie) :: By law if three or more people witness a crime on the scale of murder the one who committed the crime had no right to a fair trial

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