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31. Absenteeism (afwesigheid) :: As part of the crackdown against absenteeism the parents of persistent truants have been threatened with tougher fines and jail sentences
32. Academic (akademiese) :: This is something that is of more academic than practical interest
33. Academy (Akademie) :: Its not like she goes to the police academy to train and prepare herself for things like this
34. Art (kuns) :: It would be nice to claim that it was the eternal pull of art and beauty that brought me to Rome thirteen years ago
35. Biology (biologie) :: Wouldnt it seem that human biology would oppose the ubiquity of religion
36. Bursary (beurs) :: The awards will each be worth 3000 per year making them among the universitys topvalued bursaries
37. Choir (koor) :: choir leader
38. College (kollege) :: She said she had enjoyed seeing how former pupils fared at secondary school and college and later working in jobs in the area
39. Collegiate (collegiale) :: They are athletestudents brought into the collegiate mix more as performers than aspiring undergraduates
40. Crib (krip) :: Wind up the mobile hang it to the side of the crib instead of directly overhead and Baby will turn his head to the side while he dozes off
41. Expulsion (uitsetting) :: They have ordered the expulsion of a diplomat it accuses of spying
42. Extension (uitbreiding) :: Space was the empty extension that allowed his bits of matter his atoms to move about
43. First (eerste) :: youre a parent first and teacher second
44. Geography (Aardrykskunde) :: A degree in geography wont affect your enjoyment of this film but knowledge is its own reward
45. Headmaster (hoof) :: Sketch themes include subliterate headmasters a prime ministerial aid who has a crush on his boss crossdressing and this guy whom I liked if only for his overthetop Welsh accent
46. Headship (hoofskap) :: The rest of his working life was concentrated on teaching children with special needs and his first headship was at Kingswood School in Corby
47. House (huis) :: It is somewhat ironic that the last great monument of the house of Wessex was mainly a product of Norman culture
48. Mark (merk) :: he fingered the photograph gently careful not to mark it
49. Marker (merker) :: well give you a marker you give us the car
50. Quadrangle (vierkant) :: Johen waved a hand at the quadrangle of low buildings in front of them set around a cobbled yard
51. Second (tweede) :: The results reveal that cocaine is the second most common drug to show up in tests with cannabis the most frequent
52. University (universiteit) :: Im happy to be back with my family and Im looking forward to university

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