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511. Backboard (bord) :: These include about two dozen index features such as base construction and the method of attaching backboards and drawer runners in addition to idiosyncrasies of design and decoration
512. Canter (drafstap) :: They walked their horses out of the barn and then began trotting to the main road where they urged their horses into a canter
513. Checkmate (skaakmat) :: The answer to the puzzle hinges on a chess problem Oliver Garland counts on his son to solve wherein black can checkmate white in two moves or less
514. Club (klub) :: a social club
515. Fender (modderskerm) :: A grotesque wreck of a truck lying by the road side its fender blown off and torched to the metal
516. Gallop (galop) :: West Ham began at the gallop
517. Gamble (waagstuk) :: Dad likes a bit of a gamble
518. Game (spel) :: Anyone who can tell you how long to hang game or any meat unless you are using a butchers chiller is either a liar or a prophet
519. Invigorate (versterk) :: Great writing for the theatre be it Shakespeare Chekhov or Miller fuels and invigorates the performer as its being spoken
520. Line (lyn) :: Dunne was on hand to bundle the ball over the line
521. Lineman (lyn werker) :: In addition too many wideouts and defensive linemen have not been maximized
522. Port (hawe) :: Cape Town is a working port but the waterfront area is one of the citys major attractions evidenced by the profusion of shops bars and restaurants there
523. Portraiture (portretkuns) :: Turner elevated English landscape painting from its inferior position below history painting and portraiture and gave it a new expressive role
524. Round (ronde) :: To deepen the stretch slowly extend arms and round spine forward letting the weight of the torso fall forward
525. Scratch (krap) :: He got out of it without a scratch but the car was totalled and it was a hundred and something thousand dollars worth of car
526. Sleigh (slee) :: Dog sleds and horse drawn sleighs are also available
527. Slice (sny) :: If you slice the ball you should establish more generous limits
528. Umpire (skeidsregter) :: His Garrymore colleague Tom Murphy who was acting as umpire took charge when Jarlath retired at the interval
529. View (beskou) :: we did our best to keep the car in view
530. Whist (stilte) :: You cant play tennis on your own or chess or whist or poker

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