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481. Apartment (woonstel) :: This was the room directly below the Cube Room which once formed the north entrance to the private apartments and is now the public entrance
482. Bedsit (Studio) :: The scheme applies to houses bedsits and flats with both single and multiple tenancies
483. Boiler (ketel) :: Wood combination heaters can be either hotair furnaces or hotwater boilers
484. Brownstone (Brown) :: These and other secondary features helped to determine the way the block of brownstone separated from the formation and how they later would be dressed
485. Design (ontwerp) :: pottery with a lovely blue and white design
486. Desk (lessenaar) :: She looked ahead and saw Llewellyn sitting at a desk writing something
487. Fence (heining) :: But if he is being approached by criminals keen to fence stolen mobiles it is a certain bet other less scrupulous people are too
488. Folly (dwaasheid) :: But having said that some of the ways that people have been dispersed into the community have been sheer folly
489. Homeowner (huiseienaar) :: Its findings on the odds of a repeat disaster are good news for homeowners seeking household insurance
490. Lighthouse (vuurtoring) :: Except for eight privatelyowned towers all but a handful of Maines lighthouses now have local support groups
491. Mailbox (posbus) :: As Danni was about to walk into the house she noticed the mailman had been by she walked to the mailbox and pulled out the pieces of mail
492. Main (hoof) :: Pdraig is the main character
493. Maintain (handhaaf) :: Neither side has the time or interest to maintain roads and buildings
494. Mortar (mortier) :: Weep holes are designed to drain out any water that seeps through the brick or mortar
495. Ornamental (ornamentele) :: There were sunken gardens and ornamental ponds rose pergolas and formal hedges
496. Picturesque (skilderagtige) :: This has to be one of the most picturesque places in Glasgow to read the weekend papers over a long lunch
497. Porch (stoep) :: The apartments have private balconies and porches linked to walkup stoops mimicking the privately owned houses in the neighborhood
498. Provincial (provinsiale) :: He said observers and journalists could watch the first stage of the count at the polling stations but not at provincial election commission centers where the results are tabulated
499. Rot (vrot) :: He even asserts that as Noah used only gopherwood for the ark it was probably resistant to both rot and termites
500. Rotunda (rotonde) :: Waterplace is itself an artistic masterpiece a curving waterway of canals street lights brick and stone steps platforms for benches restaurants and small rotundas
501. Rough (rowwe) :: He was standing frozen in the doorway a rough sack of belongings slung over his shoulder
502. Shed (skuur) :: She shed her clothes and pulled on the catsuit
503. Tenant (huurder) :: The 72 flats are mostly tenanted at modest rents due to the buildings poor condition
504. Tenement (deelhuis) :: He spent his working life designing commercial premises tenements and mansion houses

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