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481. Bedridden (bedlêend) :: A woman calls on behalf of her husband Luis who is bedridden because of serious pain and swelling in his legs
482. Bedside (bed) :: The idea of the scheme is to let medical staff understand how it feels to be a patient and how simple amendments to their bedside manner can make all the difference to good care
483. Bedsore (geleë plek) :: It has controls that allow me to move it and myself into a sitting position and a special airfilled mattress attached to a pump so that I dont get bedsores from laying in one place for too long
484. Cannabis (dagga) :: They seized some cannabis bush and cannabis resin from a caravan in the back garden and the couple were arrested but a thorough search of the house revealed no further drugs
485. Concussion (harsingskudding) :: This performance pattern has been described in prior studies of concussion
486. Condition (toestand) :: As regards the second condition peaceful relations have indeed developed among the consolidated democracies of the West
487. Gown (toga) :: Her hair was pinned in yesterdays curlers and her bathrobe hung limply around her like a dirty gown
488. Hallucinogen (hallusinogeen) :: Those nine substances are sedatives amphetamines analgesics tranquilizers inhalants marijuana cocaine hallucinogens and heroin
489. Improve (verbeter) :: she began to improve in spirit
490. Intravenous (binneaarse) :: The emergency department doctors gave him intravenous fluids and intravenous antibiotics
491. Kleptomania (kleptomanie) :: Often a kleptomaniac person steals things he could have bought easily or things that are not at all expensive
492. Knee (knie) :: She slowly got up and her knees buckled
493. Melancholia (melankolie) :: For the rest of his short life she looked after him mended his clothes helped him through melancholiac hangovers fed him as well as the meager larder permitted
494. Neurologist (neuroloog) ::
495. Neurosis (neurose) :: Its a hefty task seeing as each of her children is manoeuvring their way through a litany of oddball obsessions and neuroses
496. Neurosurgery (neurochirurgie) :: Critically ill patients and patients undergoing major surgery such as cardiovascular or neurosurgical procedures often require arterial cannulation
497. Orderly (ordelike) :: The cell spaces are also orderly in their arrangement unlike typical periosteal tissue
498. Organic (organiese) :: Meat produced from animals that receive antibiotics also could not be labeled organic
499. Poorly (swak) :: In some schools according to the Times poorly performing students are encouraged to drop out
500. Specialist (spesialis) :: The Influencer is commonly an expert who has specialist knowledge in the area of the purchase being considered
501. Sting (angel) :: She found the poison sting still in his body and from the odour she knew that he had come to the child in the form of a scorpion
502. Temperature (temperatuur) :: They asked if she had a temperature and I replied that she did
503. Twist (draai) :: he handed her a twist of paper
504. Wheelchair (rolstoel) :: So it is a fairly common injury that athletes who push wheelchairs often sustain on a chronic basis

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