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421. Clamp (klamp) :: An uncanny silence descended on a school as pupils made a superhuman effort to clamp their lips tightly shut
422. Commute (pendel) :: In the case of most corporate pension plans members can commute part of their pension for a lump sum which may well be taxfree
423. Compact (kompakte) :: He was very compact and was the shortest guy at 5 feet 6 inches
424. Companionway (touw ladder) :: Other key features such as bollards and companionways are still visible and rumour has it the engine room can still be penetrated
425. Ensign (banier) :: Everyone turned and saluted the ensign flying over the parade ground
426. Frigate (fregat) :: Senator Hill said that while the focus of the maritime campaign had shifted to carrier air operations there was still a requirement for frigates to conduct some escort and patrol duties
427. Gun (geweer) :: Then with a loud explosion the gun fired and smoke filled the tunnel
428. Gunwale (dolboord) :: In consequence he was entirely too occupied with his own difficulties to notice the gossamer shape poking its head above the gunwales of the ersatz pirate ship suspended above the gambling floor to the left of the pinball arcade
429. Insure (verseker) :: Apart from protecting your comics it is also important to insure them against damage and theft
430. Nautical (nautische) :: The earliest printed cards sported a nautical theme directed at sailors who were heavy tobacco users
431. Oil (olie) :: Blanding also paints landscapes and portraits in oil acrylic pastels and watercolor
432. Radial (radiale) :: The Master Plan proposes developing a system of road grids between the five areas between the five radial roads and the ring roads
433. Road (pad) :: The next day thousands of workers defied armed police and blockaded a major toll road into the provincial capital
434. Roadway (ryvlak) :: The projects many of which were already under way include the construction of over 50 miles of new subway and light rail lines and 26 miles of new or upgraded roadways
435. Roadworthy (padwaardig) :: Assuming the company has a fleet of transportation trucks or even company cars theres road traffic legislation under which fall things like certificates of roadworthiness and bald tyres
436. Service (diens) :: You may get a locally trained technician to service the machines and robotics
437. Stateroom (shut) :: It is airconditioned and has 12 staterooms with private bathrooms TV and VCR
438. Tariff (tarief) :: Its not a simple business tariffs must be constantly reduced if the company is to stay competitive and overheads have to be brought down sharply
439. Trunk (stam) :: The facial artery may arise by a common trunk with the lingual
440. Vacancy (vakature) :: Cathy stared into vacancy seeing nothing
441. Vacation (vakansie) :: The time block of the traditional extended summer vacation is redistributed in the form of shorter breaks throughout the year
442. Waterline (waterlyn) :: Forget the thought of a tiny pigeonhole stateroom just above the waterline of a 2000 passenger cruise ship
443. Yacht (seiljag) :: For the rich a remotecontrolled exact copy of an Americas cup yacht 1 15th the size of a normal vessel

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