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421. Board (raad) :: The next year Warren was sent to board at All Souls school in Charters Towers
422. Boarder (loseerder) :: If he was married his wife and family might provide meals or other housekeeping services to the boarders for an additional fee
423. Chapel (kapel) :: It was the first Nonconformist chapel in the area
424. Clinic (kliniek) :: It offers childrens skiing clinics and a kids day room
425. Estate (boedel) :: programs for the improvement of mans estate
426. Furnish (verstrek) :: In furnishing the house Rose tended to focus on one room at a time usually using a different wood for each ash oak cherry or sycamore
427. Furniture (meubels) :: Around the edges of the room were pieces of furniture like tables and a few chairs
428. Hoe (skoffel) :: They use no machinery only human labor and simple tools such as axes knives hoes scythes and sickles
429. Kitchen (kombuis) :: Their young children attend local schools and English is rapidly becoming the language spoken at the kitchen table
430. Parsonage (pastorie) :: Based on the 2004 amendment for 1995 and later years the housing allowance and the annual rental value of parsonages provided to retired ministers are not included in computing the amount of social security benefits
431. Pond (dam) :: hes relatively unknown on this side of the pond
432. Renew (hernu) :: The application of that and other principles allow him the opportunity to renew his relationship with his wife
433. Renovate (knap) :: The zoo will also put out for the public reptiles in its newly renovated house
434. Rent (huur) :: The recreation department also plans to rent the equipment out to groups around town
435. Rental (huur) :: Other rural credit unions own fishing boats for rental
436. Roof (dak) :: fan vaults roof these magnificent buildings
437. Roofing (dak) :: Look at the roof for loose or damaged shingles and contact a roofing contractor for repairs
438. Rooftop (dak) :: Even some US prisons have now started urban gardens which can be on rooftops as well as on the ground
439. Room (kamer) :: There is also a small utility room and separate storage room in this area
440. Roomer (huurder) :: Now she would be able to build a smaller house take in roomers and have more room for the plants which she loved so dearly
441. Share (aandeel) :: Everybody has to contribute his share to the execution of the overall plan adopted by the Government
442. Vendor (verkoper) :: Street vendors had set up their carts in front of her space keeping customers away

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