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391. Beak (bek) :: This is enough for Susanna and she raises her hand gently to halt the turtle and avoid any possible clash between beak and mask
392. Camel (kameel) :: Mohair angora wool cashmere camel alpaca etc are all your allies against the wind and cold
393. Chameleon (verkleurmannetjie) :: It is as if to survive it has had to change names like a chameleon changing colours
394. Chamois (klipspringer) :: Feeding mainly on small ungulates roe deer chamois and musk deer lynx are capable of killing prey three to four times their own size and in some parts of their range they take large ungulates including red deer and reindeer
395. Flounder (gespartel) :: As obvious as this is most small businesses still miss a couple of key points and then wonder why their businesses flounder or at best stumble along
396. Fluff (pluis) :: She stomped into the middle of the kitchen gave herself the most enormous shake to fluff her fur out to maximum effect and began the big cleanup
397. Goldfinch (putter) :: I dont want to see more goldfinches chickadees herons or cardinals
398. Goldfish (goudvis) :: The last time he had cried was in grade six when his goldfish had died
399. Hippopotamus (seekoei) :: Twentytwo days spent tracking elephants hippopotamuses and crocodiles in the Okavango Delta
400. Kid (kind) :: I dont kid myself that it will be of interest to anybody but myself so Ive created another blog for the purpose
401. Macaw (ara) :: Parrots could even tell the difference between film of macaws and budgies
402. Mackerel (makriel) :: Most scombrids tunas mackerels and bonitos are important food commercial and sport fishes
403. Monkey (aap) :: The answer is that the only other animal that comes with a pair of hands is a monkey and monkeys arent generally very efficient
404. Polyp (poliep) :: Experience in observation and treatment of 193 patients with polypous lesions of the gallbladder PLGB was analyzed
405. Scarab (scarabee) :: Each merchants tales of how the scarabs came from the tomb of Tutankhamun grew less and less likely with every member of the caravan
406. Shank (steel) :: The other patent by J P Curtiss was for an improvement in screwdrivers by securing the shank in a solid handle
407. Turkey (Turkye) :: Vix went for a festive option escalopes of turkey stuffed with cranberry and lemon with sage
408. Weevil (kalander) :: Although they are more usually a problem with plants grown in pots vine weevils will attack plants growing out in the garden
409. Zebra (sebras) :: It is a blending of DNA from a zebra fish and either a jellyfish or sea anemone

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