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361. Administration (administrasie) :: The states are also bound by constitutional principles governing public administration
362. Admit (erken) :: There is a difference between refusing to admit evidence and not reading it at all
363. Attack (aanval) :: The government deployed additional military forces to attack terrorist strongholds
364. Attendant (gepaardgaande) :: Thus the attendant female is assumed to be the social and genetic mother
365. Battered (mishandelde) :: They include referrals from Social Services and New Deal pupils who do not attend school special needs teenagers battered wives and asylum seekers
366. Bloom (blom) :: Travis openly wonders why of all her sisters she survived the seeming tragedy of being shut out of show business while still in the bloom of youth
367. Blossom (bloei) :: Below my window theres an apple tree in blossom
368. Calorie (kalorie) :: Five hundred calories per hour she muttered and stabbed her ski poles meaningfully into the soft snow
369. Cleanse (reinig) :: The wound should be thoroughly cleansed and delayed closure should be allowed
370. Complaint (klagte) :: Why didnt you go to the VA with a medical complaint
371. Complex (komplekse) :: It is part of a complex of closely related gull species that interbreed readily
372. Cure (kuur) :: It is our goal to find treatments and possibly a cure for this rare lifethreatening disease that robs children of their adulthood
373. Dependence (afhanklikheid) :: Future research might focus on how to improve procedures assessing drug use and dependence in offenders
374. Dependent (afhanklik) :: Laurel a nonsmoker has emphysema which has left her unable to work and dependent on an oxygen mask for the past five years
375. Distressed (benoud) :: Wear them with a pair of bootcut distressed designer jeans a thick gray wool turtleneck and a beige or brown corduroy blazer
376. Measles (masels) :: Children often died of measles or diphtheria in the late 1800s
377. Needle (naald) :: To give the epidural anaesthetic the anaesthetist passes a hollow needle into a small space just below the spinal cord
378. Operable (uitvoerbaar) :: Over the coming year the Patton Museum staff and volunteers will begin the careful process of research documentation and eventual restoration of both pieces to fully operable condition
379. Operate (werk) :: a shortage of workers to operate new machines
380. Paralyse (verlam) :: Massive protests outside Westminster paralysed the capitals roads for more than 12 hours on Thursday
381. Phial (flessie) :: We have produced a great deal of smallpox vaccine and are in the process of purchasing over two million phials of vaccine
382. Scab (uitslag) :: Replaying breakup or accident scenes heightens their sentimental power akin to repeatedly ripping the scab off a wound
383. Scald (brandwond) :: These children represented 9 of all children admitted with burns or scalds during the six months and accounted for 78 inpatient days
384. Tear (skeur) :: After the acrimony and misunderstanding of June RF Sammy Sosa went on a tear for the rest of the season and had another monster year
385. Tolerance (verdraagsaamheid) :: New users may include women genetically or otherwise predisposed to venous thrombosis whereas long term users have shown tolerance to the drug
386. Weather (weer) :: stone walls provide shelter from wind and weather

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