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:: drawers fitted with brass bail handles:: Keeping the enemy on his toes deters and interdicts his ability to effectively execute the chosen course of action:: Kevin Spacey plays Gale a man who has been convicted of murder and awaits his execution while on death row:: Like all crime police prefer to gather forensic evidence as soon as possible after an incident:: Even the prospect of signing a prenuptial agreement stating that in case of a divorce I would be required to forfeit my rights to custody of my children:: The actual melting point of steels is nearly twice as hot at temperatures difficult to reach outside the specialized conditions of a foundry or forge :: If they turn out to be forgeries Ill certainly be happy to admit to having jumped the gun on the issue:: After gathering and notarizing signatures SEP supporters had to spend additional hours sorting addressing stuffing and mailing petitions to local voter registrars:: The practice is so widespread that some notaries who witness real estate closings are said to set aside rooms for cash to change hands discreetly:: A few years later the NYPD instituted the mutual transfer in which two patrolmen simply switched precincts:: The authors area of expertise is clearly in energy security but while floundering in piracy and terrorism they have lost their way:: Last year Johnny Depp played a pirate sailing the high seas:: a marathon runner:: Whether the prosecution should have been allowed to use his testimony is a harder question:: She became active in the underground socialist movement in her midteens while she was at high school
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