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331. Antibody (teenliggaam) :: Local government staff took blood samples from each truckload to test for virus antibodies
332. Antigen (antigeen) :: Antibodies against these five antigens were tested in the sera of all workers and controls
333. Antimatter (antimaterie) :: If matter and antimatter collide they annihilate each other
334. Bronze (brons) :: rich gleaming shades of bronze
335. Clock (klok) :: The Escort came back with 254 miles on the clock
336. Conclude (sluit) :: All of Edinburghs contract negotiations for the coming season have now been concluded bringing the squad to 27 players
337. Concrete (konkrete) :: Brand awareness should be a stepping stone to more concrete action like opposing sweatshop labour but its not an end in itself
338. Condenser (condensor) :: Instead of taking the sound mix off the house mixing board as is done with standard concert videos the performances are recorded right on stage with condenser mics
339. Fuse (lont) :: What he doesnt know of course is that he is the bomb complete with remotely controlled fuse hidden somewhere in the car
340. Magnetic (magnetiese) :: He had the looks the magnetic charmed personality access to money and the power to take whatever he wanted often without question or repercussion
341. Magnetism (magnetisme) :: She has a demeanor and magnetism that attracts individuals and makes them feel very comfortable in her presence
342. Meiosis (meiose) :: Systematic disruption of meiotically induced genes and analysis of the resulting sporulation phenotypes has uncovered many genes involved in various aspects of sporulation
343. Particle (deeltjie) :: He wondered why the atmosphere was not a sandwich with the densest gas at the bottom and began thinking about the nature of the particles of matter
344. Protein (proteïen) :: Cover half your plate with vegetables then a quarter with carbs and a quarter with protein
345. Protocol (protokol) :: The minister stressed that diplomatic protocol is the governments chief concern when it arranges overseas trips for him
346. Prototype (prototipe) :: This device at the prototype stage is expected to cost 20 and act as a Web access device
347. Randomize (dit enige) :: It is possible to conceal the randomisation in every randomised trial
348. Root (wortel) :: The root of the hair extends down into the follicle and widens into a bulb at its base which is the center of hair growth
349. Shatter (breek) :: Bars will be stocked with toughened and shatterproof glass staff will be given special safety training and the company will set up a special community fund to help create a safer environment in town and city centres
350. Shaver (scheerapparaat) :: The device uses magnetic inductive power transfer to recharge its battery a method presently used to charge batteries sealed inside electric toothbrushes and shavers
351. Stick (stok) :: She found the stick of butter and put it in the cart
352. Support (ondersteuning) :: shes been through a bad time and needs our support
353. Twist (draai) :: he handed her a twist of paper
354. Verify (verifieer) :: There is an obvious and verifiable answer it is the result of extensive conditioning

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