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331. Bat (kolf) :: Ruth came to bat in the fifth inning
332. Baton (knuppel) :: The Queen will also visit Leeds and attend a garden party at Harewood House on July 11the day of the baton s relay through the city
333. Breaststroke (borsslag) :: Weve had two meets so far and the womens team has won both of them and Ive won the breaststroke races
334. Calligraphy (kalligrafie) :: Then on Tuesday the Dorsey women get together for classes in such activities as calligraphy photography and health cookery
335. Century (eeu) :: The cross bow loops in the south wall are similar to an example in the west wall of Whites Castle and may be dated to the fifteenth century
336. Ceramic (keramiek) :: The inspiration for this clay project came from ceramic dishes that I purchased on a family trip to Greece
337. Gymkhana (gimkana) :: Used mainly as cavalry horses the walers also excelled as mounts at polo race meetings and gymkhanas
338. Hike (staptog) :: The tour will also feature a short hike and interpretive tour of native prairie plants
339. Interference (inmenging) :: Every time you start your car ignition it causes interference to the radio band so its a very confusing technical issue
340. Leg (been) :: leg of chicken
341. Money (geld) :: York would have more nightclubs if someone could make money out of them
342. Onside (spelend) :: Replays show that Scholes was definitely onside
343. Parachute (valskerm) :: Voskhod capsules also had larger parachutes to permit ground landings
344. Parachutist (valskermspringer) ::
345. Point (punt) :: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet
346. Raft (vlot) :: Its foundations took the form of a concrete raft whose design had been approved by the council on the recommendation of independent consulting engineers
347. Relay (aflos) :: The central core also acts as the structural support for the metal tower designed to receive the antennae oriented towards the relay stations at the Dole and Mt Pelerin
348. Relegate (plan verwys) :: Promotion and relegation should still be part and parcel of the overall package
349. Save (red) :: Little white lies could save someones feelings and prevent them from having to face bitter truths
350. Stayer (volhouder) :: Confirming what weve suspected in Australia for a while that despite our stayers not being up to international standard our sprinters are the best in the world
351. Steal (steel) :: the chorus is a steal from The Smiths London
352. Suit (pak) :: The brilliant Autumn Winter collection features colours styles and prices to suit every woman
353. Taxidermy (taksidermie) :: Others have no stomach for killing and practise taxidermy merely as an art
354. Yawl (jol) :: Yawls had a single mast and could also be rowed with four or six oars They were most commonly used to carry ships stores and provisions
355. Yearling (jaaroud) :: The effect of varying levels of Ca on bone density of yearling horses is reported in Table 4

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