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301. Ambulance (ambulans) :: The authors concluded that unnecessary use of emergency ambulances would decline if alternatives were provided
302. Amidships (midscheeps) :: The explosion ripped through the steel hull of Cole on the port side amidships with a deafening roar
303. Barge (vaar) :: Nobody can barge into my house uninvited and manhandle me
304. Catch (vang) :: He lowered himself while Jason stood just below him to catch him if he fell
305. Cruiser (Swerwer) :: With few exceptions noticeably the larger and more expensive inboard cruisers new boat sales have been on a steady downward trend for more than a decade
306. Drive (ry) :: As soon as he saw the gate in front of him he put the car into drive and started driving toward it
307. Driver (bestuurder) :: printer driver
308. Freeway (deurpad) :: Opponents drew this map of the proposed freeways knifing through Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights
309. Guest (gas) :: They invited a guest speaker a member of a nearby police departments SWAT team
310. Guide (lei) :: But the indexes serve as a rough guide to the appalling reality of the rising household expenses of the majority of English people in the Tudor period
311. Hedgerow (struweel) :: Most of the trees survive mainly in hedgerows and near rivers and ponds
312. Inshore (aanlandige) :: The inshore lifeboat which is designed to respond rapidly and work in very shallow and confined waters was first introduced by the RNLI in the 1970s
313. Inside (binne) :: It is certainly one of the strangest sights seeing someones belly distend outwards as it is pushed from the inside
314. Lounge (sitkamer) :: In addition to a bar lounge and dining room it has 40 guest bedrooms
315. Sight (oë) :: The sight of the blood and the use of the blade were obviously the key to his sexuality according to forensic psychologists
316. Signalman (sein) :: These were the employees who operated the railway the station staff the signalmen the shunters and the guards on the trains
317. Stall (stalletjie) :: Wrapping a towel around herself she stepped out of the shower stall and walked into the warm room searching for the shirt Kyle had given her
318. Standby (staan ​​by) :: It serves as a timely reminder though that I am very bad at leaving appliances computer CD players on or TV on standby overnight or when Im out
319. Take (neem) :: lets take Napoleon for instance
320. Tiller (landbouer) :: For steering there was surprisingly a long tiller aft on the upper deck
321. Troopship (troepeskip) :: Generally troopships moved units to the theaters
322. Wardroom (officier kajuit) :: They stuck to the best traditions and gathered together into naval societies organizations and wardrooms

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