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301. Apolitical (apolities) :: Technology seems to interest them little and their stance is apolitical
302. Brother (broer) :: The guy with the shaved head is pretending to fight with his fraternity brother
303. Confederation (konfederasie) :: In the Canadian capital Ottawa authorities snuffed and boarded up the Centennial Flame which commemorates Canadian confederation and erected barricades in anticipation of possible violence
304. Deselect (uit te skakel) :: But fortunately this time round I deselected the dont ask on startup option which appears on the initial start up
305. Eucharist (Eucharistie) ::
306. Evangelist (evangelis) :: The indictment claims that the television evangelist failed to report more than 550000 in income over three years beginning in 1998
307. Feminism (feminisme) :: At some other point in the interview he accused feminism of being a fatherhating movement
308. Grace (genade) :: Because of the lightness and grace of the movements the martial art is cunningly disguised as dance
309. Holiday (vakansie) :: Lets have a twoweek break and go on holiday next January
310. Inaugural (stigtingsvergadering) :: In President Bushs case his first inaugural was wellwritten but it didnt really say very much
311. Member (lid) :: committee member
312. Mormon (Mormoonse) ::
313. Ordination (koördinering) :: The ordination ceremony honors the presence of a special voice
314. Passage (gedeelte) :: Having no quarrel with the medial view of motion Sadra sets out to prove the objective existence of motion as passage
315. Pope (Pous) :: From the 8th century its rulers were elected German kings who usually sought but did not always receive imperial coronation by the popes in Rome
316. Providence (voorsienigheid) :: It may be however that at a deeper level than the ecclesiastical and economic reasons there is a question of Gods Providence
317. Republican (Republikeinse) :: Others were noncommittal about the idea of supporting a tribunal into an operation that was once acclaimed within the republican movement
318. Rosary (bidsnoer) :: Do the Catholics make you say the rosary before lunch
319. Temple (tempel) :: They come to the temple to offer worship
320. Verse (vers) :: The upsurge of early printed verse translations makes public a large and rapidly distributed body of foreignborn poetry

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