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301. Addict (verslaafde) :: On the train from Swansea to Carmarthen I sat next to a mobile phone addict
302. Addicted (verslaaf) :: Technologically it points the way but what it lacks is the kind of feature that makes a user addicted to the phone
303. Addiction (verslawing) :: The excess body weight has now gone along with his addiction to alcohol and drugs
304. Athlete (atleet) :: I have noticed in the last year or two a dropoff in the number of young athletes coming into the sport
305. Athletic (atletiek) :: He said they are starting their athletic training right away to prepare for it
306. Break (breek) :: whose break is it
307. Caesarean (keisersnee) :: the Caesarean faction in the civil wars after 44 bc
308. Caffeine (kafeïen) :: A good dose of caffeine stimulated just the right amount of thought he figured
309. Dislocate (ontwrichten) :: Her shoulders are so loose in the joints that she dislocated the left one rolling over in bed to turn off her alarm clock one morning in March last year
310. Disordered (versteurd) ::
311. Glow (gloei) :: he could feel the brandy filling him with a warm glow
312. Heroin (heroïen) :: I got into heroin when a mate came to my flat and asked if he could use the toilet
313. Hypodermic (spuitnaalde) :: I just use a hypodermic with a heavygauge needle to suck out the paint and another one to put in holy water
314. Matron (matrone) :: Inside resided the matron her two patrons two daughters and two sons
315. Naturopathy (naturopatie) :: Then a naturopathic practitioner put me on a colon cleansing program
316. Nausea (naarheid) :: the stories will launch a wave of public nausea and outrage
317. Nauseous (naar) :: Ive watched a couple of episodes and they both made me nauseous
318. Ointment (salf) :: In the past treatment generally consisted of the use of topical corticosteroids in the form of creams ointments and lotions
319. Pandemic (pandemie) :: Most topical is the risk of pandemic influenza which seems to be the highest in three decades
320. Pant (hyg) :: Breath coming in short pants he halted at the base of the tower
321. Rehabilitate (rehabiliteer) :: Not only does the project provide support and counselling to families but also helps to rehabilitate the prisoners themselves
322. Suffer (ly) :: she cant suffer country music
323. Suffering (ly) :: Man is a free agent and has the liberty of choosing his sufferings and changes cannot be foreseen
324. Vaccinate (ent) :: There are also some major infectious diseases for which vaccinations have not been developed
325. Vaccine (entstof) :: These children show few adverse reactions to routine vaccinations including live vaccines

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