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301. Actor (akteur) :: Nonstate actors are to be encouraged to participate in the development process
302. Amplifier (versterker) :: Thermal noise typically originates in the amplifiers
303. Amplify (versterk) :: And they say they have some sort of gear I can wear that will amplify neural signals or something and will help too
304. Brass (koper) :: The tulips and hearts theme continues throughout the house in wood carvings and stained glass and even in beautiful brass and copper door plates
305. Cittern (cither) :: Viols rebecs citterns lutes and wooden flutes help
306. Engraving (gravure) :: Born raised and educated just outside of London Barraclough initially learned the art of engraving from a Master English gunsmith in the late 1940s
307. Flat (plat) :: the tyre was flat
308. Hymn (lied) :: It is a massive hymn in the Byzantine Rite in praise of the Virgin Mary
309. Narrate (verhaal) :: The series is narrated by the Welsh journalist and will be shown on Sundays at 730
310. Narration (vertelling) :: There is mostly a simple matter of fact narration in the news
311. Narrative (verhaal) :: narrative technique
312. Palette (palet) :: If I were an artist the colours on my palette would be browns ochres and purples
313. Sequel (opvolger) :: They have to put up with some shoddy sequels to groundbreaking originals
314. Sequence (volgorde) :: Heres the sequence of events when someone is having their reaction time measured
315. Silhouette (silhoeƫt) :: Before the young man knew what was happening two of the figures at the alleys entrance fell silently silhouetting another dark figure with a silver longsword in his or her hand
316. Soliloquy (monoloog) :: There seems to be both a haughty reserve that keeps us at a distance during the soliloquies and an absence of inner mystery to tempt our curiosity in the first place
317. Star (ster) :: Castors skill with horses is said to be shared by those born under the influence of the star
318. Starlet (Ster) :: Success as a model led Chambers to Hollywood but Marilyn soon became disgusted with the casting couch mentality young starlets are often subject too
319. Subtitle (subtitel) :: The current subtitle could also serve as an appropriate title
320. Tinny (blikkerige) :: I say again the sound is dreadful terribly aged degraded compressed tinny and just overall awful sounding
321. Write (skryf) :: The main reason for this is that virus and spyware authors write malware for the most common platform
322. Writer (skrywer) :: Elisabeth Hurst is a writer of short stories Jo Rittenhouse is a poet

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