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271. Acupressure (akupunktuur) :: Acupuncture and related therapies such as acupressure have been found to be no more effective than placebo therapies
272. Acupuncture (akupunktuur) :: Complementary therapies such as osteopathy and acupuncture are popular
273. Acute (akute) :: The proposed layout would result in a vehicle crossing the footway at an acute angle and would therefore constitute a hazard to pedestrians on the public footway
274. Amputate (amputeer) :: Although this may not eliminate the need for amputation it may reduce the level of the amputation
275. Anaemia (anemie) :: Some medical conditions such as thyroid disease and anemia also can cause palpitations
276. Anaemic (anemies) :: I blamed the lack of flowering and the anemic show of leaves on poor soil
277. Anaesthesia (narkose) :: Epidural anesthesia has become increasingly popular for pain control during labor
278. Anaesthetize (verdoof) :: The new technology will anesthetize the public conscience along with the condemned man
279. Bleed (bloei) :: Video quality is uniformly solid though some videos are overly bright with some examples of minor edge degradation and color bleed
280. Dementia (demensie) :: People with dementia have a degenerative disease of the brain for which there is no cure
281. Drug (dwelm) :: The 28yearold heroin drug addict is banned from the city centre and from begging inside the outer ring road for five years
282. Drunk (dronk) :: Sometimes in this industry crazy drunk people call you at work for no apparent reason
283. Lozenge (ruit) :: Statistics show people who are supported to give up can double their success rate as do those who use Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as patches gum or lozenges
284. Maternity (kraam) :: Ground level contains maternity outpatient services with paediatric outpatients above
285. Procedure (prosedure) :: Some of the procedures or demonstration data can be permanently saved in the database
286. Radiance (glans) :: the radiance of the brides smile
287. Registrar (registrateur) :: When youve made your musical selection do run it past the officiating registrar to make sure that it is acceptable
288. Starve (om honger te lei) :: He argued that Mayo General Hospital was recognised by the Dept of Health and Children as the most efficient hospital in Europe and yet it was being starved of funds
289. Succumb (swig) :: And certain vicars choral did succumb to the temptation of female company
290. Tape (band) :: When we were first married I would tape them to the fridge door on scraps torn out of a spiral bound notebook
291. Wasted (vermors) :: But multiply 2000 wasted emails times a million people and you see the magnitude of the problem

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