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1. Waffle (wafel) :: Or maybe that sounds incredibly pretentious and I just waffle
2. Waft (sliertje) :: Kai the mouthwateringly fresh gardeniabased floral has the delicate waft of a summer breeze
4. Waive (afstand doen) :: His attorney has said that he waived that right to confidentiality more than a year ago
5. Wane (kwyn) :: Interest had waned over time although expectations were high that the site cleanup might reawaken it
6. Wary (versigtig) :: How often have those five simple words struck terror into the heart of the wary viewer
7. Wax (was) :: He experimented by exposing paraffin wax to crushed Salvia leaves and found the solid wax readily adsorbed the volatile terpenes from the air
8. Waylay (loer) :: One good lady a prominent member of the Church of Scotland waylaid me in the street and gave me a big hug saying she had never before hugged a Catholic priest
9. Weighty (gewigtige) :: Comparatively speaking handheld devices are delicate weighty and bulky due to the glass screens
10. Whelp ('n jong) :: If more than four contractures there may be a problem if the Shih Tzu puppy has not been whelped
11. Whet (skerp) :: The whetters constantly shear the edge of the cutters like a whetstone making them razor sharp weapons that can fatally puncture an opponent or easily slice through a 3 inch tree root
12. Whimsical (fantastiese) :: The ceiling is hung with lamps of every shape and size from glass floats tied with rope to whimsical creations made of seashells
13. Whittle (Whittle) :: And many people obviously rely on the good old Swiss Army knife or one of its derivatives for everything from trimming nails and opening bottles to putting in screws and whittling firesticks
14. Willful (opsetlike) :: It must be taking truly heroic effort on the part of the interests who control our media to willfully avoid connecting the dots here
15. Wily (uitgeslape) :: It caused uproar at the time but the wily Italian must be sitting back with a smug smile puffing on that metaphorical cigar
17. Wistful (peinsende) :: There was a wistful daydreaming quality to Petes voice that lulled me almost to sleep as we rode
18. Wry (wrang) :: Chekhovs wry humour and deadon powers of observation are a perfect fit with the clowninspired style of Torontos Theatre SmithGilmour

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