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2. Taciturn (stil) :: Our group was a taciturn group of actors from theater TV and film and we didnt even really meet beforehand
3. Tactile (tasbare) :: As an adult the stilllonely Amlie struggles to connect with anyone and takes pleasure in such simple tactile things as skimming stones or thrusting her hand into a bag of dried lentils
5. Talon (stok) :: They dive from above to grab their prey out of the air with their strong talons
6. Tamp (aanstampen) :: Smooth the surface by tamping it with your putter or foot
7. Tangent (raaklyn) :: First the writer needs to get his facts straight before he goes off on a tangent like that
8. Tangible (tasbare) :: For faith is belief in the absence of tangible evidence or proof
9. Tardy (traag) :: The Jim Muldowney trained Aparelho was the warm 64 favourite for this event but after a tardy enough start was always playing catchup
10. Tare (tarra) :: Also the field should be watched for several days to prevent pigeons which are remarkably fond of tares from devouring much of the sown seed
12. Taunt (spot) :: They began taunting the friends and threatening them before launching a physical attack
13. Tawdry (opgedirkt) :: Nor do Israeli presidents wear plastic sunglasses carry pistols to the UN or have chests full of cheap and tawdry metals
14. Tedium (verveling) :: Other than the enjoyment of staying with family it was an interesting experience of tedium or rather of low expectations
15. Teetotalism (abstinentie) ::

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