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1. Jaded (verveeld) :: They confront the demons that plague their lives betrayal suspicion guilt and loss hope and fading aspirations not only with Garys mordant jadedness but with plainspoken sincerity
2. Jamb (deur styl) :: Extend window and door jambs as needed so they will be flush with the face of the new paneling
4. Jaundiced (geelzuchtig) :: Intravenous cholangiography is rarely used now as opacification of the bile ducts is poor particularly in jaundiced patients and anaphylaxis remains a problem
5. Jaunt (Horde) :: Ed Stewart Radio 2 Disc Jockey has been jaunting off to Pattaya to play golf
6. Jeopardize (gevaar) :: They seriously risk jeopardizing their careers if they attempt to work purely in the intelligence field
7. Jibe (gijpen) :: some cynics in the media might jibe
10. Jocular (snaaks) :: This incident encapsulated the nature of the jocular Scotsmans influential ministry
11. Jollity (fees vier) :: The falser the jollity the more merciless the banter
12. Jubilant (jubelende) :: Tourism bosses are jubilant at the publicity Scarborough is receiving prior to the 2004 holiday season
13. Judicious (oordeelkundige) :: Do people with fewer resources have to be more judicious than those with more
14. Jurisprudence (regspraak) :: The Strasbourg jurisprudence is clear and consistent
15. Juxtapose (naas mekaar plaas) :: I was lifting and collaging sentences and sections from all sorts of popular publications and juxtaposing them for effect

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