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1. Ebullient (levendig) :: It can now be revealed that the ebullient cockney was very worried about his protg the man he has called the best fighter he was ever worked with
2. Eccentric (eksentrieke) :: She could have been a true British eccentric although I seem to recall her having a foreign accent
3. Eclectic (eklektiese) :: He is very eclectic and his mix of abilities is so different from the common concept of an artist
6. Efface (uitwis) :: Unlike Conceptual art it has specific formal characteristics geometric monochromatic shapes and a recurrent concern with effacing all signs of artistic personality and effort from the work itself
7. Efficacy (doeltreffendheid) :: He argued that monitoring of treatment efficacy would be difficult and expensive
9. Effrontery (brutaliteit) :: The version I drove costs a simply staggering 30900 and then they have the barefaced effrontery to whack on another 350 for metallic paint
10. Effusive (oordrewe) :: Roman historians were much more effusive about victories than defeats
11. Egalitarianism (egalitarisme) ::
12. Egregious (uitmuntend) :: The desire for vengeance is very strong simply because the abuses were so egregious
13. Egress (uitgang) :: For the east wall adjacent to the Metro structures concrete slabs and buttresses were integrated into the stairwells required for emergency egress from the belowground exhibit hall
14. Elaborate (uit te brei) :: He declined to elaborate on the technical details
15. Elegy (elegie) :: The biography then turns to extrafamilial influences including Surreys friendship with Henry Fitzroy the Earl of Richmond for whom he would invent the English sonnet in his Windsor elegies
16. Ellipsis (beletselteken) :: it is very rare for an ellipsis to occur without a linguistic antecedent
17. Eloquent (welsprekende) :: As far as the actual story is concerned I cannot express it sufficiently eloquently in words
18. Elucidate (toe te lig) :: Its not about language as selfadornment but as an elucidator
19. Elusive (ontwykende) :: So this formula this test to see whether or not youre compatible has been elusive so far

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