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141. Preternatural (onnatuurlijk) :: Her eyes were actually glowing with their own otherworldly light and her hair seemed to be floating around her as if a strange preternatural wind was playing with it toying with the silky tendrils
142. Prevaricate (lieg) :: If everything doesnt change Im going to make it my personal mission to smoke out the guilty parties and expose them as prevaricators
143. Primordial (primordiale) :: The concept of humanity initiated by Heidegger which bases phenomenology on primordial anxiety will be abandoned as fundamentally mistaken
144. Pristine (ongerepte) :: Remember that land once built on can never be restored to its pristine condition
145. Probity (eerlikheid) :: This they seem to regard as a mighty temple of moral probity and rhetorical genius
146. Proclivity (neiging) :: When he first began Gay Ski Week he initially downplayed the homosexual element partly because he was reluctant to be too public about his own sexual proclivities
147. Procrastinate (uitstel) :: Indecision and inaction can lead to bigger problems in business so avoid procrastination and delay
148. Prodigal (verlore) :: Though he never mentions him Tony Hendra has much in common with another prodigal a man born two generations before him Malcolm Muggeridge
149. Prodigious (ontsaglike) :: He would listen intently to his mothers lessons and as his prodigious talent became apparent she began to teach him too
150. Profane (onheilige) :: In most writings and interviews the profane world is interpreted as a place of probation and is explained as an illusion or a bridge to other worlds
151. Profanity (vloek) :: And then all of a sudden Garrett is taking a solo so unbelievably impassioned he has me screaming profanities
152. Profound (diepgaande) :: The experience had a very profound effect on me both emotionally and spiritually
153. Profundity (diepte) :: Everything is done with exaggerated slowness which seems a rather cheap way of adding profundity to some fairly simplistic ideas about war not being a very good thing
154. Prohibitive (verbod) :: The resources needed would be huge and even then the cost factor would prove prohibitive
155. Proletarian (proletariese) :: Illustrations moreover might undermine the authors attempt to describe the depersonalized process or facelessness of proletarianization
156. Proliferate (vermenigvuldig) :: Flies homozygous for such hypomorphic mutations reach adulthood but often exhibit defects during the proliferative stages of gametogenesis
157. Prolific (produktiewe) :: From Cape Wrath to Campbeltown once prolific river systems have been denuded of their most precious asset
159. Prominent (prominente) :: Not surprisingly given his prominent position and family name racing and horses have always played a major part in Derbys life
160. Prone (geneig) :: Riding boards in a prone position has been around probably longer than standup surfing

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