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102. Poignant (aangrypende) :: It is a philosophical tearjerker a poignant romance for the intellectual set and a touching character study
103. Poised (gereed) :: The elegantly dressed poised woman looked a bit odd wearing a red and white Santa hat but it really was cute
104. Polemical (polemiese) :: Those words on the wall popped out at me in relation to August what he was trying to describe in his plays never polemically but in the language and the hearts of the people he knew these people sitting in the hall
105. Ponderous (swaar) :: The jury remains out on whether the ponderous Blanc can replace the discarded Jaap Stam and the champions have leaked seven goals in the four games he has played
106. Pontificate (pontifikaat) :: Even an additional CD or two with some of the best tracks would have been a way for viewers to hear some of these classic songs uninterrupted by Tom Petty pontificating about various musicians and movements
107. Portend (voorspel) :: But perhaps the dreadful birth defects and mutated plants are not evidence at all but signs and wonders portending some great event
108. Portent (teken) :: Beginnings and endings the dual portals of narrative are often charged with portent and revelation
110. Posterity (die nageslag) :: The interests of the posterity shall rule in defining the interests of the general welfare
111. Posthumous (postuum) :: She was a genius and deserves a posthumous award of some kind
112. Postulate (postulaat) :: We also postulated that there could be different protein isoforms that correlated with these temporal and spatial transcripts
114. Potable (drinkbare) :: So its the waterborne illnesses the lack of access to clean potable water
115. Potent (kragtige) :: These powers can be potent when applied to markets
116. Pragmatic (pragmatiese) :: But these pragmatic matters have nothing to do with fundamental determinism

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