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81. Staunch (stoere) :: As a headteacher she had loyal friends and staunch critics as she strove to give the girls of St Louises Comprehensive College a better start in life
83. Stereotype (stereotipe) :: Leaving aside the gender stereotyping isnt this more than a bit ridiculous
84. Stevedore (stuwadoor) :: The boys ducked past Mr Thomas as he roared orders to the stevedores on the dock below
85. Stickler (voorstander) :: We dont know what Fred the boy was like going by his later life the young Fred may have been a stickler for detail very precise about his work and perhaps not one of the in crowd
86. Stifle (onderdruk) :: A county judge dismissed that case last April under a California law aimed at discouraging lawsuits that stifle constitutionallyprotected activities
88. Stipple (stippel) :: This lamp with over 575 pieces is made with a combination of stipple glass waterglass and rippled cathedral glass
89. Stipulate (stipuleer) :: The system stipulates the rules and requirements that must be observed by the two parties
90. Stoic (stoïsch) :: My friends and colleagues could not understand how I could be such a stoic in the face of losing out on a fourfigure sum
91. Stoke (Stoke) :: The furnaces that fed them fizzled out long ago the coal that stoked the fires lies unexcavated in flooded mines
92. Stolid (bot) :: The loss of nearly a generation of their children in the concentration camps numbed rural Afrikaners into a stolid hatred of British authority
94. Stratagem (slimmigheid) :: Government should use civilised stratagems to arrest those who fall short of the law
95. Strident (kras) :: There were many strident and discordant passages but in the context of the work as a whole they seemed entirely appropriate
96. Stringent (streng) :: Personal pet visits require the same stringent guidelines as the therapy animal policy
97. Strut (stut) :: Archer does tend to strut around rather arrogantly and on this occasion his behaviour was inappropriate
99. Stygian (Stygian) ::
100. Subliminal (subliminale) :: The conclusion that the affective meaning of these subliminally presented stimuli was processed by the participants stems from two lines of observations

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