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81. Intrepid (onverskrokke) :: These characters who survive adversity through their imaginations and intrepid spirit
83. Inveigle (verlei) :: It purports to be a tale about a man who inveigles himself into a false identity but this aspect of the plot never emerges clearly
84. Inveterate (verstok) :: For this reason as soon as he took office Ma began to cultivate the attitude of indifference to Lee as a preparation for his inveterate opposition to the central government
85. Invidious (netelig) :: These 6000 teachers are in an invidious situation
86. Inviolable (onherroeplik) :: To achieve that end we all need to tell each other and indeed to convince our own selves that the Quran is the inviolable and unalterable word of Allah
87. Irascible (driftig) :: Two hours later they discovered the best bar in Faro was a barge docked on the banks of the town where they parlayed for fuel and pinga with the irascible owner Antonio
89. Irksome (lastig) :: I wish every permissible measure to be taken that can relieve your internment of its irksomeness
90. Ironclad (gepantserd) :: The 13 million ship which has been named Research Vessel Triton is said to represent the most radical step forward in warship design since the introduction of the ironclads
91. Ironic (ironies) :: It is therefore ironical that a city that was once at the cutting edge of the knowledge economy is in sleep mode even as competitors like Chennai Pune and Hyderabad get ahead
92. Irrational (irrasionele) :: Solutions that would seem logical to us would seem totally irrational to them
93. Irreproachable (onberispelik) :: Most impressive among the generally irreproachable casting is Brian Stokes Mitchell in the title role
94. Irrevocable (onherroeplik) :: I have an aversion to displacement scars irrevocable changes in a familiar landscape
95. Itinerant (rondreisende) :: Recently itinerant workers some illegal immigrants have moved into the trade at the risk of being exploited by gangmasters

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