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83. Dissonance (onenigheid) :: They are products of a culture in which to tell a lie creates no dissonance
84. Diurnal (daaglikse) :: For the most part this diurnal ritual occurs around 6 30 am
85. Divert (af te lei) :: The best trick is to momentarily divert their attention Hey
86. Divest (stoot) :: It divests him of a capacity for grandeur we want our leaders to possess
87. Docile (mak) :: While the Greek press is far from docile it has generally been extremely supportive of the Games
88. Doff (Doff) :: Modern armed forces uniforms utilize synthetic materials nonseasonal schemes and increased informality doffing the coat and tie for opencollar casualness
89. Dogmatic (dogmatiese) :: After all it is I suppose a bit dogmatic to absolutely insist the whole thing is state controlled
90. Dolt (uilskuiken) :: Once again shareholders were pictured as dolts unable to find their way off a stalled escalator
91. Don (Don) :: Some evenings he chose to dine with the other dons and professors at high table in college
92. Dormancy (dormansie) ::
93. Dotard (sufferd) :: In Laputa Gulliver finds the wise men so wrapped up in their speculations as to be utter dotards in practical affairs
94. Dote (kind word) :: It is dotingly displayed like everything else under dramatic lighting that illuminates heirloom tomatoes as if they were heirloom diamonds
96. Drawl (temen) :: Instead of the melodious tones of an Irish brogue the exaggerated drawl of an angry young man spat from the earpiece
97. Drivel (snert) :: He could have spouted some generic administrative drivel like The university is behind Katie and we are taking these allegations seriously
98. Droll (snaaks) :: No matter how serious the topics there will always be instances when its impossible not to smile so droll are the minimalist observations and asides
99. Drone (dreun) :: In the background cameras whirred like demented bluebottles adding their drone to the low buzz of conversation
100. Dross (skuim) :: Such dross is abundantly available elsewhere

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