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81. Appease (paai) :: This isnt quite the same as being a bunch of spineless appeasers
82. Apposite (passend) :: If this does come about the ensuing paralysis will surely be an apposite commentary on the unhappy state of affairs we have reached where no party seems to deserve to govern us
83. Apprehension (vrees) :: One is through sense perception and the other through a direct sort of apprehension of existence
84. Apprehensive (bekommerd) :: I am very nervous and apprehensive particularly as the hours are ticking away
85. Approbation (approbasie) :: Thus he established the peasant proprietorship and won approbation and support of the overwhelming majority of the population
86. Arable (bewerkbare) :: Agricultural improvement required the elimination of the fallow and the raising of yields but such innovation required more animals manuremachines for the arable
87. Arbitrary (arbitrêre) :: Curbs were placed on the arbitrary exercise of power and steps were taken to give some measure of regularity to the legal system
88. Arbitrator (arbiter) :: So naturally when the arbitrators of the labour dispute committee heard the case they couldnt help laughing either
89. Arboreal (boomlewende) :: Set in a forest clearing its arboreal form was inspired by the surrounding trees
91. Archaic (argaïese) :: Most of the diseases she did not know and she began to lose hope since most of the writing was ancient and archaic
92. Archetype (argetipe) :: Thoth as the earlier archetype of Hermes and subsequently Mercury was a potent force in the Egyptian pantheon
94. Arduous (moeilike) :: Her latest solo record bid is probably the most hazardous and arduous challenge that she has faced
97. Arson (brandstigting) :: The jury still found Cottrell guilty of conspiracy to commit arson and seven counts of arson
98. Articulate (verwoord) :: Yet we often fail to articulate this doctrine clearly even to ourselves
99. Artifice (listig) :: The purpose of art is not to deny artifice but to manage it so well that it appears inevitable
100. Artisan (vakman) :: Away from the music Jamaica has some excellent artisans and craftspeople but not all items for sale are of good quality

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