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61. Iniquitous (onregverdige) :: The number of this ubiquitous vehicle went down after the mopeds gained popularity
62. Innate (ingebore) :: The annual concert was a fusion of education and entertainment as the kids displayed their innate talents
63. Innocuous (onskadelike) :: The question is why an innocuous Hollywood film should provoke such a reaction
64. Innovate (herstel) :: If you want to compete you have to innovate and adapt
66. Inscrutable (onpeilbaar) :: In the inscrutable case the overall truth about a state of affairs is not known by anyone
67. Insentient (bezield) :: The conclusion that we live in an unplanned insentient universe became ineluctable
68. Insipid (flou) :: As a vocalist however he only emphasises the insipid nature of his songs most of which are reminiscent of mediocre 80s pop
69. Instigate (aanhits) :: Police accused the rinks management of instigating the incident by playing music over the rinks PA system
71. Insurgent (oproerig) :: The most foreboding of these trends involves insurgent and terrorist groups who fund their ideological agendas with drug money
72. Intangible (ontasbare) :: It stands to reason then that intangible means not tangible unable to touch or impalpable
73. Intelligible (verstaanbaar) :: I had to clear my throat a few times before I could give him an intelligible reply
74. Intemperate (onmatig) :: What motivates liberals to launch their increasingly wild and intemperate assaults on conservatives is in most cases their fear and hatred of the religious right
75. Interminable (eindelose) :: I anticipated interminable delays in taking our orders but I was wrong
76. Intermittent (afwisselende) :: Last year the bollard hit the news again when it was plagued by intermittent mechanical problems and a new motor was fitted
79. Intransigence (koppigheid) ::
80. Intransigent (onversetlike) :: Managements intransigent attitude in bargaining is a real slap in the face for employees whose valuable contributions help make Canadas food safety and inspection system one of the best in the world

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