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61. Disapprobation (blaam) :: Few thinkers today risk such disapprobation by questioning our attitudes to modern living
62. Disarm (ontwapen) :: Ill try but Im not making any guarantees Patrick said as he looked for some way to disarm the nuclear bomb
63. Discern (onderskei) :: A laugh golden and delicious floated up to him on the breeze and he leaned over the railing peering down and faintly discerning the hedge wall of the royal garden beneath him
64. Discernment (onderskeiding) :: I yet lack discernment to distinguish the whole lesson of today but it is not lost it will come to me at last
65. Discord (onmin) :: The world lies in strife in discord in divergence
67. Discountenance (afkeuren) :: I was discountenanced feeling a slow and steady anger rising a freefloating anger aimed at no one no thing as yet
68. Discrepancy (teenstrydigheid) :: It is this variation that he says created the discrepancies in this years results
69. Discrete (diskrete) :: All of these may usually be discrete and distinct domains but one key theme of this chapter is that there are also overlaps
70. Discriminate (diskrimineer) :: Failure to discriminate between truth and lies leads to the sort of moral equivalency that your post indicates
72. Disdain (minagting) :: The literary establishments incoherent critique combines snobbish disdain for popular culture with an ahistorical philistinism
73. Disingenuous (oneerlik) :: Yet it is disingenuous to pretend that there is not a question of individual liberty at stake here
74. Disinter (Mexiko te) :: People buried more than 100 years ago could be disinterred and then reinterred deeper underground leaving fresh land above for new graves
75. Disinterested (onpartydige) :: Hutton is represented as dignified and fair a disinterested figure who stands above the grubby world of politics
76. Disparage (afkraak) :: Some critics have disparaged Hogans emphasis on the love story between the two main characters
78. Dispassionate (objektiewe) :: That immediately drained the emotion out of everything I became dispassionate rational
79. Dispatch (versending) :: First theres a dispatch from AP reporter Margie Mason who took a trip up the Bay Hap river in August
80. Dissemble (huigel) :: He said We have a string of denials of discrepancies and dissembling on the part of Downing Street

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