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41. Serene (rustige) :: New mothers are usually stereotyped as being calmer and more serene after they give birth
44. Servile (beroepswerk) :: In no other does the spirit of servility and bootlicking display itself so openly and shamelessly
45. Shard (skerf) :: I climbed through the broken window snagging the end of my old dress on the shards of glass
46. Shirk (onttrekken) :: No decent Aussie wants to support queue jumping or shirking responsibility
47. Sibyl (Sybille) :: I have a chapter on Shakespeare and Macbeth theres the chapter about Ancient Greece a chapter about Delphi and sibyls in GrecianRoman times
48. Sidereal (sideriese) :: Fixed stars continued to be used as reference points throughout the Middle Ages and even Copernicus measured positions in a sidereal zodiac beginning from the fixed star Mesartim
49. Sinecure (sine cure) :: British governments have an appalling record of underestimating the cost of new technology it always escalates once people realise there are nice safe sinecures to be had
50. Sinewy (seningrige) :: First he did his little purr thing followed by his sinewy arch thing
52. Skeptical (skepties) :: If the transcendental philosophy is not a version of Leibnizian rationalism why is it not a repetition of the sceptical empiricism of Hume
54. Skirmish (skermutseling) :: For three years it has been negotiating peace with Manila all the while keeping up skirmishes against the national army
55. Slake (les) :: I will not waste those twelve years trying to slake your fathers thirst for glory
56. Slew (rits) :: One object of the invention is to dynamically reduce resistance in order to decrease the time constant during the signal transition for allowing a more rapid slew of the signal from one logic state to another
57. Slight (effense) :: Taylor understands the idiom quite perfectly and he manages to bring a grandeur and nobility to the admittedly slight work
58. Sluggard (luiaard) :: That is why while I often criticize the sluggards and incompetents in government my admiration for the good guys is boundless
59. Smelt (ruik) :: In turn when Longdales owner William Firmstone smelted his first pig iron at Lucy Selina Furnace with this coke he turned out the first iron ever produced in Virginia with this fuel

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