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41. Repudiate (verwerp) :: Fascism explicitly repudiated the bourgeois individualism that it associated with liberalism
42. Rescind (herroep) :: The law was rescinded only in December 1990 during the collapse of the regime
43. Resignation (bedanking) :: I told Janet that if I dont figure my problems out soon I will hand in my resignation
44. Resilience (veerkragtigheid) :: First childhood bereavement research already exists to enrich our understanding of resilience
45. Resolution (resolusie) :: He stared at me curiously though behind that curiosity was a firm resolution I had no idea of
46. Resolve (los) :: The same cast of mind also tended to seek simple universal formulae to resolve any problem no matter how complex
47. Resonant (resonante) :: In fact people make decisions based on emotive associations that are formed by the creation of simple easily grasped emotionally resonant frames that are then repeated ad nauseam
48. Respite (uitstel) :: The charity concentrates on providing happy memories for the child and their family as well as respite from their normal routines of hospitals doctors and treatment
49. Resplendent (pompeus) :: Helen and Philip were blessed with a beautiful day with the church looking resplendent
50. Restorative (herstellende) :: In addition for reformers the focus on the Eucharist as a physical rather than spiritual restorative led to an attack on the materialism of transformation
52. Retention (behoud) :: On the one hand the Alliance has as noted earlier resulted in a continuing emphasis being placed on service delivery and on the retention of a broad body of labour friendly legislation
53. Reticent (terughoudend) :: Yet although he may seem a bit reticent he certainly is not a recluse
54. Retraction (reaksie) ::
55. Revere (REVERE) :: Since American pop culture reveres stardom rappers often garner more attention and respect than they deserve
57. Rife (orde van die dag) :: Sexual harassment is rife and more women are being jailed
59. Riveting (klink) :: Our Stan Grant has been reporting on this story for weeks now bringing us some extremely riveting reports
60. Robust (robuuste) :: Less rugged and robust than debonair and sophisticated he attracted modern independent women who appreciated his flair

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